Kingdom Come: Deliverance – The Bird Nest Necklace

The location of a necklace in a nest worth just over 1,000! I stumbled upon this very early in the game, just as I was doing the first quest in Rattay. Not sure if this is found in like every nest or whatever, but my apologies if this is already well-known.

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I’ve done very little research about if this was already known or not, but I didn’t seem to find anything. If it is well-known, my apologies. Also, I’m not sure if the nests are randomly generated or not, so this might not work for anybody else. I haven’t been playing the game long enough to know all of this. I’m going to make this guide pretty brief; there’s no reason to type huge paragraphs.


Here’s the location of the necklace, not very far from Rattay:

You will see a birch tree kind of by itself near a dirt path.

The nest:


Here are the stats! When I equip it, it only brings my charisma up from 10 to 11. I’m a very low level, by the way.

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