Cypher – Extra Hints (Chamber 1-3)

Provide extra hints to help guide the player to the solution.

Chamber 1

The purpose of this guide is to give extra guidance to the answer of the puzzle, without trying to provide the answer outright.


  • The units of measurement and their numbers are not important
  • What the words describe isn’t important
  • The first letter of each word is important


  • Punctuation, format, capitalization, special characters are all unimportant
  • Only certain words are important
  • Some words are spelled incorrectly
  • Every misspelled word is missing or adding only 1 letter


  • The letters are not important
  • Looking at the problem from a new perspective is important
  • The wall is important, but not the alphabet on the wall


  • The italizied words are important
  • The answer is only 4 characters long
  • The answer is a number
  • Free sounds similar to a number


  • The letters are not important
  • Right click is important
  • Look very closely at the punctuation


  • All of these numbers are less than 30
  • Think of the numbers as – 3 8 18 15 14 15
  • Letters can be translated as numbers


  • There is three different shapes of squares
  • Full squares are spaces
  • Morse code is useful here


  • Not all letters are the same size
  • SCIE n CE IS KNOW l ED ge i S P ow E r
  • Each 5 letters is part of a collection.
  • This puzzle uses binary. Find a pattern to turn the letters into binary
  • The first letter is B

Chamber 2


  • The first letter is C
  • The last letter is R


  • The puzzle has an even number of letters
  • The entrance’s paragraph on transposition explains the solution
  • The first word is THE


  • All the letters are in order
  • This plays on the expectation that all words are read left to right, up to down.


  • This isn’t solved reading up, down, left, or right
  • X’s are spaces
  • The first word starts with the letter A
  • Try and find the word JADE
  • Try and find the word TRUST


  • The Q’s are breaks
  • Puzzle 2.03’s solution is similar to this one
  • The first word is STRIKE


  • Puzzle 2.02’s solution is similar to this one
  • There is 32 letters in this sentence.
  • Puzzle 2.02 is a solution by 2, but this one is not


  • Find words that can be created using a Knights movement
  • Try starting from Q to find a word
  • Find the word QUEEN. Scratch these letters off to help find another word
  • The first word starts with C
  • The second word starts with K, if you can’t figure out the word for C, try K first


  • This puzzle has 30 letters
  • Like puzzle 2.03 and 2.05, we need to find the divisible number
  • The first word is TWO
  • Do some math

Chamber 3


  • One letter words can presumably be A or I
  • Try and solve some of these first RBXP, BA, GTP, THZ
  • Now try these XHZP, HQZ, WQ, XL


  • The numbers below the alphabet is occurance. Remember to use the frequency guide.
  • ZMX is the most occuring word.
  • C is a 1 letter word. Solve ZMVZ, ZG 
  • Think of these 3 together ZMXP, ZMXR, RP
  • UJCZZXK (at this point you may be able to guess the solution)


  • 6:21 3:11 this. This puzzle uses the same style as the previous two, look for single letter words and the word THE. This puzzle is not designed in a format that is simple to provide hints for so you’re on your own 


  • Letters by frequency. A-12, C-3, E-18, F-4, G-16, F-4, H-2, J-26, K-18, L-18, M-4, N-12, O-3, P-12, Q-1, R-2, S-19, T-3, U-4, V-5, W-3, Y-18, Z-17
  • J = e , K = t 
  • S = o , N = L 
  • L = a , Z = s 
  • Y = i , P = r 
  • G = n , A = d

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