Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Pilgrim Achievement – Wayshrine / Conciliation Cross Locations

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Known locations of Shrines and Conciliation Crosses for the Pilgrim Achievement.

The achievement requires 90 art objects to be found. You must read the shrines and crosses for them to count. In some churches there are also pieces of wall art that can be read. These count towards the achievement.

Skalitz, Merhojed

Monastary, Samopesh

Sasau, Vranik



Talmberg, Merhojed


Northeast of Uzhitz

East of Uzhitz

South of Uzhitz


South of Neuhof.

Church Art

Church Art can count towards the achievement goal of 90 art objects found. They appear as wall art and can be read, like these screenshots. There’s a church in Sasau and Rattay that have more than 5 art objects each. Uzhitz has only 1 object in it. I haven’t checked other churches as the achievement doesn’t require more than 90 to be found.

Unmarked Conciliatory Crosses

Near father simon.


Random grave.




Unmarked Shrine.


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