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Into the Breach - Console Commands (Cheats)

Written by Jaded Wrath   /   Mar 5, 2018    
Into the Breach - Console Commands (Cheats)

List of some undocumented console commands in Into the Breach.

Open the Console

Press the back quote/tilde (`/~) key to open the console, default commands are shown by executing 'help'.

Documented Commands

  • kill - kill all enemies in the city.
  • rich - make yourself rich.
  • event [name] - add event.
  • incident [name] - add incident.
  • invasion - add invasion event.
  • anim [name] - test animation.
  • sanim [name] - test animation (on board square).
  • reload - refresh lua scripts.
  • day [number] - set the current day.

Hidden Commands

  • unlock all - gives message saying no longer in release version.
  • resolution [width] [height] - do not use with fullscreen enabled.
  • makeitso - unlocks all pilots.
  • unlock ach - I presume this unlocks all achievements but i don't want to use test it.
  • ach - not sure about this one.
  • debug - toggles debug mode, not sure what this does.
  • popups - toggles popups, presume this toggles if achievements unlocks show in the top right.
  • musc_version - toggles between music version 1 & 2, not sure what this does.
  • gog_clear - presume it clears all gog achievements untested.
  • steam_clear - presume it clears all steam achievements untested.

Written by Jaded Wrath.