Scavenger SV-4 – Basic Survival & Tips


Since the planet emits strong radiation, you can’t stay in orbit forever.
8,000 mSv is deadly, but anything above 2,500 mSv will most likely have either deadly consequences or severe impact on your final score. Visit the Autodoc every 5 or 10 minutes and keep yourself in check. If things start to go south, get your Rover and end the expedition.


If you leave Air valves on “Normal”, you won’t run out of oxygen before radiation kills you. Be careful when operating airlocks. It depletes the air supply quick if you don’t use the strict airlock procedures and if you are not careful, you might find yourself out in the cold vacuum of space without an EVA suit (you’ll suffocate obviously).

The Surface

Don’t put your Rover into impossible situations. If you can’t win a fight, run away or recall the Rover (then reset the landing zone unless you wan’t to land on top of the enemy). Know your limits, high risk high reward in this case is not worth it.

Drive carefully around cliffs and narrow pathways. You can slide into a cravase if you drive recklessly, which would mean the end of the expedition. If rough terrain gets you stuck, recall the Rover and either launch it again or reset the landing zone if it continues stuck.

Tips & Tricks

Now, a list of useful tips. Some of them will require you to read other parts of the guide or play the game for a bit in order to understand them. I also included some other cool facts.

  • Left click a terminal to use it, right click to exit out of it 
  • You can launch the Rover from the Garage, Cargo bay and the Bridge terminal 
  • Left clicking the center screen while driving the Rover will activate the turret (same as pressing the “Turret” button) 
  • Right clicking will exit out of turret mode 
  • Don’t leave too many doors open on the ship (you’ll thank me) 
  • You can rename all items to anything by clicking on their nametag 
  • The Autodoc can’t scan you while wearing an EVA suit 
  • You can play music from your Quarters terminal 
  • Stowaways can be removed from the Rover by discarding them 
  • You can pass time by playing Dungeon Road on your Quarters terminal 
  • Your ship’s name will show up on the Cargo airlock door and the side of the Rover 
  • Research can be started right after you dragged all items into the Lab’s storage (no need to wait for the cargo to arrive physically)
Written by Clatronix

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