Scavenger SV-4 – Modules

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Modules are alien technology found on the planet’s surface. Type, purpose and complexity varies greatly. Their primary use is to be installed on the Rover, enhancing it’s capabilities.
Most of them can be linked to a screen on the Rover for better usability.
All modules are stored in standardized container boxes for easy storage and transport.

There are many types of modules: reactors, transmitters, armor plating and weapons just to name a few. All categories contain a great number of modules with varying efficiency, purpose and value.
Most modules can have extra attributes such as: acting as a heat sink, increasing / decreasing detectability (stealth), efficient power use, low heat generation, increased damage.
There’s a total of 12 slots on the Rover where modules can be installed.


  • Camera – transmits a video signal of varying quality and zoom
  • Sensors – audio sensors, signal detectors, etc.
  • Manipulators – arms and other tools
  • Power plant – produces power at a steady rate, usually at the cost of some input power
  • Power storage – stores electrical power
  • Surface plating – acts as protection from certain damage types
  • Heat sink – reduces the Rover’s temperature by insulating excess heat
  • EM-Field – signal transmitters, recievers, radars
  • Propulsion – alters the Rovers driving capabilities


  • Launcher – rocket / mortar launcher, ranged effectiveness varies
  • Laser – accurate beam weapon, damage decreases with distance
  • Arc projector – launches electricity at close range, usually inaccurate
  • Flame projector – close range flamethrowers, does damage over time

There are many weapon subtypes, but those are rarer than their standard counter parts. These special weapons are valuable and have unique attributes.

Weapons can be either:

  • Spinal mounted – can’t be aimed manually. Always aims straight in front of the Rover, static.
  • Turret mounted – aimed with the camera. A maximum of 3 weapons can be mounted on the Rovers turret: 2 on the sides and 1 below the camera.


There are special modules that can’t really be put into other generic categories. Their purpose is extremely specific, but proves very useful. Their value is usually high.

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