Infectonator 3: Apocalypse – Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Infectonator 3. A guide with my thoughts of a lvl 0 account playthrough.


This guide is just my thoughts on a playthrough of this game. I assume you, the reader, have a basic understanding of this game and its mechanics such as doing quests to get gold. I would recommend playing through the game yourself and finding your own strategy but if you are having trouble this may offer you some ideas.

This is not an insane difficulty walkthrough, as in you’d be pretty insane to spend 20 years to level up your account just to put on handicaps.

My general strategy is to try and infect as many people as possible through the use of two uniques, Dracula and Kim Jang On (Kim for short).

To start off your playthrough, go through the tutorial to get you some free money and research.

Picking a Starting Point

Some people may say it don’t matter where you start, but for this walkthrough I recommend starting off in South East Asia because it is the location of four things we want.

  • Vampiric Kiss Genetics – this gets you the vampire zombie.
  • Area to unlock Kim Jang On (Unique Zombie)
  • Close proximity to unlocking Yeti (Unique Zombie)
  • Close proximity to unlocking Mummy (Unique Zombie)

Stats Upgrade

If you did the tutorial you will have gotten Lifespan and Speed upgrades for free. I typically invest in speed and damage till about level 4. The reason for this is so I can two hit civilians and allow zombies a better chance at chasing. After those two stats I would aim to get life span up to lvl 4 as well before proceeding to pump attack. Your uniques will generally one shot civilians and police officers this way. Upgrade the other stats depending on your cash flow. I’d prioritize speed and attack early on. After speed 10 I’ll focus on damage reduction. I generally keep Life Span at about level 6 and Speed at around 10 or 11 till end game. Attack and defense should be maxed asap (sprinkle in some infection and mutation every now and again). Early game the emphasis is on attack but as you reach late game they should be around the same. Max infection and mutation after attack and defense.

Support Items

Early on I would recommend getting a grenade to kill off humans who might have escaped your early game zombies. The second item would be a burger to infect humans. I woud prefer the use of a hamburger than to use up a zombie spawn.

My general load out is:

  • Grenade – Useful for kiling Hazmat and Gas Mask wearing humans that have some resistance to infections.
  • Mines – Your life saver mid game as a way to destroy ZIT squads.
  • Goo Jar – Use this at funnel points to maximize benefits.
  • Canister – A mix between a grenade and goo jar. You can replace this with a different item for questing purposes.

Early game take 1-2 of each and 3 of each for mid/late game.

DNA Upgrade

This is not a complete list of DNA upgrades. I will list the ones I find useful. I do not usually obtain all the zombie unlocks so that my mutation list is short and will let me obtain the zombies I want. Zombies that come from mutations will have the same level as the ones you have.

  • Vampiric Kiss – By default you will have this for starting off in Asia. They allow the use of vampires which can unlock the Unique Zombie Draculo after they obtain 20 kills. 
  • Unstable Belly – Unlocks the bomber zombie. Their explosive death is nice since it will take down some of the enemy with them. We need it primarily for the Military Zombie. 
  • Critical Aggression – Unlocks a Berserker which is pretty good. When they enrage they will zip across the map and smash everything. Somewhat tanky too. Needed for Military Zombie. 

After these unlocks I will typically just reroll for passive traits.

  • Mummification – Nice 2s extension to decay timer, can be leveled up three times. 
  • Hyper Salivation – Really good DNA upgrade, a +5% infection rate. Max out when you can. 
  • Hyper Mutagenic – Really good DNA upgrade for +5% mutation chance, a must have for our strategy. Max out when you can. 
  • Tough Jaw – A small attack upgrade, not really necessary but take it if you have it. 
  • Tough Skin – A small armor upgrade, not really necessary but take it if you have it. 
  • Adrenaline rush – A small upgrade to speed. 
  • Sharper Eyesight – Pretty good upgrade to let your zombies notice humans easier. 
  • Gold Digger – +5 conis per kill. Nice luxury perk.


You should typically only level zombies when you get a crafting quest. It is a good idea to level them all up eventually as zombies that mutate take on the levels you have.

Common Zombie – the back bone of your army, should max out these guys inbetween crafting quests.

Brute Zombie – slow and lumbering with a smash attack. Can’t infect. These are the building blocks for your good zombies the Military Zombie and the Berserker Zombie.

Chubby Zombie – no real use for us but easy to get points in crafting since they only need 2 common zombies.

Vampire Zombie – their self heal is nice but we only want them as a pre-requisite to get Draculo.

Triggered Zombie – For some reason despite being similar to a Berserker Zombie they don’t seem to perform as well. They are really good if they go Hulk Smash on the enemy. They’ll zip around the battlefield.

Bomber Zombie – Nice zombie that takes down enemies with them when they die.

Berserker Zombie – When these guys enrage they will zip around the map smashing everything. They are naturally tanky to boot! I like leveling these guys up when I got the resources.

Military Zombies – An upgraded version of the Berserker that explodes upon death. These guys are the cream of the crop for our setup (aside from the Uniques). These guys zip around the battlefield when they enrage.

Draculo – A unique unlocked after getting 20 kills with Vampire zombies. The star of our show. He life steals back health, has decent attack and defense and 50% infection to start off. He can also leap at enemies by doing a cool bat swarm attack. Put him down first to shield Kim Jang On. They’ll infect everyone around them and turn into a giant snowball of zombies that will overwhelm the enemy. Late game with mutagen DNA and max mutation chance things will get crazy.

Kim Jang On – A unique zombie that is unlocked after getting 100 kills in Asia (hence our starting point). He has a really high infection chance and is the second piece of our combo with Draculo. Have those two infect everything and snowball across all defenses. He is a bit squishy but will explode upon death like a bomber zombie. Generally keep him alive to keep infecting everything in sight.

Optional Uniques (can be swapped out for quest zombies or Military Zombie):

Mummy – Unlocked after 100 kills in the Middle East. A pretty good zombie that gets a decent infection chance. Works well with Draculo and Kim Jang On. He also AOE slows everything around him so your zombies can swarm over the unfortunate souls that get caught in it.

Tayrong and Taemoon – Eggplant alien zombies that require Projectile Vomit, Death Grip and Jump Scare DNA. Notice I do not mention those in the DNA section of this guide. While these guys are great, it requires DNA I don’t want to have spawn. They are really good but I don’t fit well with my strategy. Use them if you want.

Doomon – Unlocked after destroying a continent. Pretty good unique with a ranged explosive attack. Also comes with two imp zombies when he spawns.

Yeti (aka The Yeti Bomb) – A unique zombie that is unlocked after getting 100 kills in snow areas (ie: Russia and Canada). A really tanky unique that you should pop ontop the ZITs once your zombie infected snow ball collides with the enemy ZIT squad or boss (I like to call it a Yeti Bomb). His aoe smash knocks enemies around and his takiness will let him soak up damage. Be careful, ZIT squads can take him down easily if he is alone. He is meant to work with your group! He is one of two ‘tank’ unique zombies that are available.

Kruggy – Unlocked after infecting 250 people. Very useful early on for his movement speed buff due to your zombies being slow early game. Once your infection rate hits 100% on all zombies late game, you can swap Kim out for Kruggy. You can also swap Kruggy with Yeti. Similar to a Yeti bomb, you wait for ZIT to come close to your horde then drop Kruggy. Place him ontop of your horde. Since he *usually* casts his speed buff on the first enemy he sees, this will cause your horde to zip towards the ZITs and overwhelm them before they can fight back. Sometimes Kruggy doesn’t cast his speed buff and the “Kruggy Bomb” ends up being a dud.

Early Game (Global Panick Before 40%)

After the tutorial keep on infecting Asia. Use vampires to rack up 20 kills for your first unlock, Draculo. Just attack each area until you get the first infection level and keep leaping to the next area. If there are doors, wait for a nice number of people to enter first then lock them in. Drop down a vampire and let them go to town. Don’t use up your zombies! Focus on using your Uniques. Common Zombies are important fodder for crafting quests and leveling up your other zombies. Waste as few as possible early on (use items if you need to).

We want to extend ourselves so we can reach labs when they spawn. You want 100 kills in Asia before you leave. This will unlock Kim for us. Use Draculo and Kim to breeze through the first few areas. A lab will most likely have spawned by now, but don’t panick. We will deal with it once we get our team setup.

Move to Russia and Canada and get 100 kills to Unlock yeti. If you have infected 250 people you can get Kruggy who will be useful for his movement speed buff.

In the early game drop down Draculo and then Kim and let them infect people. They will generally handle everything themselves. If you are on a big map, try to drop Draculo and Kim at different corners of the map so they spread out more. You generally don’t do this later on when enemies are armed to the teeth. Once you have the 4 uniques mentioned above, aim to take down the labs.

If you are aiming to destory the labs (max infection level on a city) you will ilkely want to start carrying 2 of each item, atleast 2 grenades. You’ll have to deal with 60+ civilians so without lvl 4+ life span and good movement speed you might have some trouble infecting everything in time. Try and get one level on Draculo or Kim so they can infect more. Kruggy wil be of help on these large maps. Spawn your uniques at each corner (not as viable once you hit mid/late game).

If you are quick you can destroy 2 labs and have some spare time before the next one. I’d recommend going to the Middle East and unlock the mummy after 100 kills.

When the humans start arming themselves you should start using Jar of Goo as they funnel towards you (see mid game section).

Mid Game (40% Global Panick)

This is where the game gets rough if you are unprepared. The small change here will be the increased amount of weapons that people will have but this can be offset if you got damage reduction stats (plus leveled up Common Zombies and Uniques). The real game changer is the introduction of ZIT squads (Zombie Intervention and Tactics). These guys hit like trucks and will turn your normal zombies to mush.

Below is my typical upgrades and map around early mid game:

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse - Walkthrough
Infectonator 3: Apocalypse - Walkthrough

So first things first, now that enemies are civilians mixed with armed police, swat and army you will need to be more careful on Draculo and Kim placement. Placement will vary depending on the map. On a very small map you can place a Jar of Goo to get things started then place Kim and Draculo to infect while the goo distracts people. See Picture Below.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse - Walkthrough

1: Jar of Goo this area, it should kill he civilian and cops pretty quick.

2: While everyone is busy with the Zombies from the Goo, spawn Draculo here to start infecting the civilians. Drop a second goo as the left mob moves towards you (where the arrows meet). Add Kim into the mix and watch some chaos unravel! Muahahah!

The thing to note is that aggressive humans will funnel towards you to try and attack your zombies. Use this to your advantage, find a good choke point or narrow passage way that they will need to enter and drop a Jar of Goo on it. This will cause a huge amount of them to zombify.

In maps with doors, wait for people to enter then lock the door before dropping in Draculo and Kim. Once everyone inside is infected, people on the outside are most likely swarming the door. Drop a Jar of Goo at the entrance and open the door. You will get a giant snowball of zombies that will sweep through the map….until a ZIT squad comes in and cuts them down like a hot knife through butter. See below.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse - Walkthrough

1: Spawn Draculo and Kim here. They will move towards the door.

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse - Walkthrough

2: ZIT squad incoming! Place your mines and blow them up. If they manage to survive and engage your swarm, unleash Yeti ontop of them.

3: Drop one or two goo at this choke point. Enemies will run up to attack you only to get turned into zombies.

On maps with a long corridor like design, drop Kim and Draculo at the edge of one end so as to get a easy civilian kill before the guns start targetting them. If enemies are packed at one end, drop a Jar of Goo first before Kim and Draculo.

There are three ways to deal with ZIT squads:

  • The simplest method is to use mines and blow them up as they spawn.
  • Yeti Bomb the ZIT squad by placing the Yeti ontop of the squad as your zombies start to engage on them. If things go well your Yeti will stun the squad and buy time from your zombies to swarm them.
  • Kruggy Bomb your horde by placing Kruggy near your horde as they engage the ZIT squd. Sometimes the game either bugs out or Kruggy won’t cast the speed buff when you spawn him and this will cause the bomb to dud. 

You will likely only get 3-4 actions before the ZIT arrive. So Kim, Draculo and Jar of Goo will count as three actions. Use option 1 if you want to play it safe, when it fails use option or 2 and/or 3.

From this point on I highly recommend packing 2-3 mines per map for emergencies.

Keep leveling your guys, hopefully by the time you hit late game you will have 18+ on attack and defense with 10-12 movement speed and 6 life span. I also try to get all my basic zombies to level 4. Around this point you can start targetting bosses.

Your main goal midgame is to increase infection levels in the different continents and unlock the boss battles. You are also trying to extend your reach so that labs can be reached relativily fast. When a lab spawns kill the boss in that area for a faster lab removal. If you’re not strong enough to kill bosses you will need to wittle down the labs. Don’t fight a boss if you don’t have the levels and upgrades!

Boss strategy is typically the same as regular maps, infect and make a zombie snowball. Kill ZIT with mines and once your zombies engage the boss, spawn a yeti and 3 Military Zombie ontop. The main issue is if the boss engages you while your zombies are still being built up or while you are distracted by the ZIT squads. If your damage reduction is too low your zombies will melt against the bosses which is why I prefer to have near max defense before fighting them.

Late Game (Global Panick 80%+)

At this point it is pretty much the same as mid game but you’ll need to deal with two ZIT squads and boredom. The later is probably more of a problem.

By this point you’ll have high infection and mutation rates (100% on all Zombies that can infect and 25-40% mutation rates). Infections will likely lead to a few Berserkers or Military Zombies. The mummy will be your best infector since he spawns with 3 other zombies leading to fast infection (since all zombies have 100% infection now). Things may not work out as well if you couldn’t get the Hyper mutagen DNA.

Draculo, Kim and Mummy alone will wipe out the map with a giant flood of zombies. Not even a ZIT squad will stand against a bunch of high speed lvl 5 Berserkers and Military Zombies. ZIT may still prove to be a problem for your zombies if both groups stack ontop of each other, but thats when you mine them.

You can also start switching Kim out for Kruggy since they both have 100% infection rate now. At this point Kruggy’s speed enhancement will be better than Kim’s death explosion. The speed enhancement will lead to a faster clear and a quicker build up of zombies. If you have been using Kruggy instead of Yeti you can swap Kim for Doomon since he comes with 3 imp zombies or whatever you want really. Late game Mummy and Draculo will infect a giant horde in a matter of seconds.

The game should just autoplay itself at this point, but it doesn’t, so grab yourself a drink and a book till the end game comes when you destroy all the regions. Heck, take a nap if you need to, zombie apocalypsing is tough!

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