Monster Prom – Secret Orgy Manager Achievement Guide

A guide to Orgy Manager achievement.

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All credit goes to Rennegain!

This is a guide on how to get the Orgy Manager achievement in Monster Prom.
The orgy ending will not unlock until you have at least 1 secret ending with every one of the main 6.


I have heard this is possible on short single, but I got it on full. It takes 4-5 days to complete every interaction, so the short playthrough would need to go perfectly.

For the quiz:

  • Keep restarting until you get one smart and one creative boost. (This is for Liam)
  • Then for the third question (with the 6 answers) pick Polly’s Answer!
  • This will make it so you have both Liam and Polly in your interactions, it worked for me everytime.

Go to the classroom first and they should be talking about a party or something.
This is not REQUIRED but helps you to keep Polly and Liam coming back to you to trigger their important convo.

Keep boosting CREATIVITY and SMARTS! Smarts should get to 20, and Creativity to 25. (Do not do charm instead of creativity, becuase some events must be outside to trigger).

Also try and keep everyone’s hearts level, don’t always agree with one person (not 100% this is required but worked for me).

If you miss any skill checks on events that arent related to the orgy don’t freak out, I missed 2 of Liam’s and still got it.

You eventually should be in the AUDITORIUM and trigger a convo with Liam and Polly about being in an intense conversation then they say they are bored.

  • After chess tournament: Creative 
  • Just start chanting: Charm

Then just keep doing creativity and smarts (possibly charm/fun if you want on the side, as long as creative/smart are boosted).

The next even is with Scott and Damian, it always triggered outdoors for me.

  • Book: Smarts
  • Fancy hats: Fun 

Then you will have an even with Miranda, again this triggered outdoors for me.

  • Invite all of them: Creative
  • Chaperones: Charm

Finally you have to convince Vera to join, this is why it is important to have creativity high. I had mine at 25 and passed. I met her outdoors aswell just to be safe.

  • Networking: Charm
  • Notebook: Creative

Then, I asked Polly to prom, but it seems that asking anyone will work (except alone).

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