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Cultist Simulator - Command Line Codes (Cheats)

Written by nosbor21   /   Jun 9, 2018    
Cultist Simulator - Command Line Codes (Cheats)

A list of the most common items I spawn, or despawn, in Cultist Simulator

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After ascending by the skin of a hirelings teeth as a physician, I felt end game got a little grindy on subsequent play throughs.

I had read about the console, ctrl+~ (it's really the back-tic but the tilde is cleaer in typed text), so I dug through the save file to find the things that would be useful. What follows is my list.

Item Codes

All commands are case sensitive and make sure there is no space at the end. If I have a comment it will follow a "--"

Things to Despawn (-1):

  • notoriety
  • dread -- this can counter fascination, don't hesitate to spawn one if your fascination gets picked up as you come back from the peacock's door.
  • restlessness
  • mystique
  • fascination
  • decrepitude -- unless you want to be a beggar?

Things to Spawn (+1):

  • contentment
  • erudition
  • glimmering
  • vitality
  • funds

The Most Useful Hirelings:

  • thugedge -- 5 edge.
  • thuglanternmoth -- 5 lantern 3 moth.
  • thugmoth -- 5 moth.
  • thugknock -- 5 knock.
  • thugforgeedge -- 5 forge 3 edge.
  • generic_p -- prisoner from cupboard "a follower betrayed".


  • compensation -- Iron Spintria.
  • compensationb -- Bronze Spintria.
  • compensationc -- Silver Spintria.


  • toollanternd -- Wildering Mirror.
  • toollanternf -- Watchman's glass.
  • toolknockf -- Frangiclave (doesn't break on use).


  • fragmentheart{a-g}
  • fragmentmoth{a-g}
  • fragmentsecrethistories{a-g}
  • fragmentlantern{a-g}
  • fragmentgrail{a-g}
  • fragmentforge{a-g}
  • fragmentknock{a-g}
  • fragmentedge{a-g}
  • fragmentwinter{a-g}


  • fragmentwinterg

The tools follow the same naming conventions, but the only ones I spawn are the tools needed for the peacock's door.


I play with fast forward enabled and pause when I need to do something. But with how much dread/fascination you gain from the spider's door and beyond, and notoriety while exploring I find the game more enjoyable if I can control the pace. There is a bit of anticipation the first couple of times through watching evidence and notoriety decay, after that those timers are just annoying.

Written by nosbor21.