Cultist Simulator – How to Make Money & Earn Promotions

Some people have trouble making money in the early game, so here is a walkthrough to ensure you never go hungry again.

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A Junior Position

The most reliable way to make money is to work at Glover & Glover. To apply for a junior position, simply put a reason card in you work slot. This job will barely cover your living expenses, but it will be enough for now.

You might be tempted to put a reason card into your work to earn a promotion; don’t do this quite yet. I would recommend waiting until you have at least two reason, as the next step in the ladder is quite demanding. To gain a second reason, place your first reason card in the study slot two times in a row. This will give you two erudition. Place these two erudition in your study slot and you will gain your second reason. Now add reason to your job while you’re working and you’ll earn a promotion.

If you have earned a promotion to a standard position before getting your second reason, don’t worry! Just ignore your boss’s demands for overtime. The only thing he can do is dock your pay.

A Standard Position

Congratulations on your new job! You might have noticed your boss is a real jerk. He will demand you work overtime and dock your pay if you don’t. He really doesn’t like you, and for as long as he is your boss you won’t get another promotion. This is why he must suffer an “accident”.

Either put your health or a follower into the explore slot until you find some hired help, preferably with the Edge or Moth aspect. Once you have a minion you are happy with, put them in the talk slot with your job. Wait for a while, and with luck Mr. Alden will be reduced to a gibbering mess or a red mist. (Note: if an Edge minion fails to kill Mr. Alden, they will not return, but if a Moth minion fails to make Mr. Alden go insane, they will return.)

Now you simply have to apply more effort to your job, and you will gain a promotion.

A Senior Position

This position is much better than your old one. It pays well, and your boss is kind. But you can rise higher still. Using the same tactics you used to remove Mr. Alden, you can remove the younger Glover.

Once the younger Glover has been dealt with, you simply need to put passion in the work slot after starting your job, (this won’t trigger a minor victory if the younger Glover is dealt with) you will have a chance to get a promotion. If you don’t get a promotion right away, don’t worry; you will get the promotion if you keep trying.

A Seat at Glover & Glover

This is the highest point you can achieve at Glover & Glover. The job comes with a great deal of perks: The job only takes 50 seconds to complete, it pays way more than you put in the job, and it protects you from the law by absorbing notoriety. Beware though; every time it eats up notoriety you risk you position!

When your position covers up your notoriety, there is a chance the elder Glover will take notice. The first time he does, he will give you a warning. This will cause your job to take 60 seconds to complete. The second time he takes notice, he will fire you and give you 8 funds worth of severance pay. You will not be able to get this position, or any position at Glover & Glover back!

It is for this reason that I would recommend laying low until you have amassed a wealth of 150+ funds, then letting your job eat your notoriety until you lose it. 150 funds should be more than enough for the rest of the game.

This is a good starting approach, but it is by no means the only one! I encourage you to find other ways of making ends meet once your are more experienced with the game.

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