Cultist Simulator – Dreams of a Glory

Please note: all credit goes to Dexter Sinister!

This guide shows you how to make the most of Dreaming about Reason.

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The Four Dreams

Each time you Dream Reason, the result is randomised, but you can tell which one you could get by the title on the timer window. After the first 5-second “linkthroughstainedlights” event, the name and description change. There are two possible dreams, and each one can be changed again by adding a second Reason card, which will be transformed.

A Journey in a Window produces 1 Contentment. If you add a second Reason card, this becomes Hersault’s Nightmare. One of those Reasons will convert into Dread, and there’s a chance you’ll also receive “A Locksmith’s Secret”, the Knock 2 lore.

The Tree of Lights produces 1 Contentment and “A Barber’s Warning”, the Moth 2 lore. If you add a second Reason, this one becomes The Cleansing Dawn. One Reason will convert into Fascination, and you may also receive “A Watchman’s Secret”, the Lantern 2 lore.

Dread and Fascination

Converted cards don’t become completely unusable.

Dread is an Unreason card. If you Dream it and add a Contentment during the timer, it converts back into Reason. Thus, you can have a cycle of Hersault’s Nightmare followed by A Journey in a Window or The Tree of Lights, keeping your Reason level steady (and maybe picking up the occasional Barber’s Warning).

Fascination is a Delirium card. If you Dream it and add a Dread during the timer, it converts into Passion. That said, you can currently use Fascination everywhere you’d use Passion anyway. I expect Fascination to pick up some more drawbacks in future builds.

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