Mirror – Yoko’s Pain and Pleasure Acheivements

How to get the 1000 points for Yoko.

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Pain Route

  • Choose option: “Yoko, you used to respect and love my lord. You must be willing to accept him now”.
  • Tug at the ropes.
  • Choose option: “Don’t try to resist, you are doomed to become the vessel for my lord’s descent”.
  • Tug at the ropes twice, then use the tentacles on her meow.
  • Receive bad ending.

Pleasure Route

  • Choose option: “After my lord’s descent, he will cleanse this world. For this beautiful world, Yoko, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself, right?”
  • Rub her thigh until you reach 450 points.
  • Grope her breast.
  • Choose option: “Look at that spilling milk and flooding love juice, all fo these lead me to believe you’re not the fair and innocent yoko everyone thinks you are”.
  • Grope her breast with a hand and then a tentacle.
  • Finish her with the tentacles on her meow.
  • Receive good ending.
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