Mirror – Unita’s Pain and Pleasure Achievements

How to get 1000 points with Unita.

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Pain Route

  • Choose option: “You know nothing about sex, then I’ll solve the problem in the most primitive way”.
  • Drown her face
  • Choose option: “Next I’m going to suck your adorable flower and let you exude more love honey”.
  • Drown her face twice, then drown her meow.
  • Receive bad ending.

Pleasure Route

  • Choose option: “If you say so, let me first have a taste of your yummy meow!”
  • Rub her chest with her tail until you reach 450, then grope her breast.
  • Choose option: “Next it’s kiss time~”.
  • Grope her breasts twice, the finger her meow.
  • Receive good ending.
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