The Spectrum Retreat – Full Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

Walkthrough and guidance for completing the game and obtaining 100% achievements!

Floor 1


Enter the first 4-digit code.
Code: 1313


Complete floor 1 puzzles.

Floor 2


Enter the second 4-digit code.
Code: 5382


Complete floor 2 puzzles.

Floor 3


Enter the third 4-digit code.
Code: 3159


Teleport for the first time.

Ascending and Descending

Complete floor 3 puzzles.

Floor 4

Steely Knives

Enter the fourth 4-digit code.
Code: 2021


Complete floor 4 puzzles.

Floor 5

Voices Down the Corridor

Enter the fifth 4-digit code.
Code: 1474


Complete floor 5 puzzles.

Observation Room

Heaven or Hell

Read the manager’s notebook in the observation room.

There is an open door – next to your room – on the day you can access the roof. Go through the door, examine the desk and read the notebook:

The Spectrum Retreat - Full Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

The Roof

Prisoners of Our Own Device

Complete the game.

Check Out Any Time You Like

Complete both endings.

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