The Spiral Scouts – The Chaos Realm Guide

This guide has the answers and tips to all the questions in the chaos realm.

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Cantaloupe Badge

The Mouth Puzzle

This is similar to the moon puzzle back in the life realm, at night check the telescope and write down both eyes and if they are opened or closed at each hour of the night.

Within the mouth the numbers on the floor refer to times at night.

Once you have written down all the options, go down in the mouth and open/close the chests to match the eyes.

The answers for this puzzle is…

Time – Left Eye / Right Eye

  • 01am – Open / Open
  • 10pm – Closed / Closed
  • 03am – Closed / Open
  • 12pm – Open / Open
  • 04am – Open / Closed

Junkie Badge

Shoot Heroin

The first step is simply to head to the mines, dig down all the layers and collect all 4 keys before returning to the top.

Look at the paterns on the key; the point being the top of the mine, picture it as the pathway down to each key hole. For example one of the keys shows a pattern like this…


And on the key is shows this…


It is as simple as Only going the left paths; as that is how the tree branches down.

Follow this pattern to recieve the Heroin in a chest back on the top layer.

Place the heroin nugget into the tree and make the pattern following the eyes again…

  • Left: Up Up Down 
  • Right: Down Up Up 

Bring the heroin back to the mayor.

Farming Badge

The Farm Puzzles

These puzzles in my opinion are the most fun ones, I will start from inside the farm as it is the easiest; read the back sheet and it will show you 2 rainbows; simply eat a butt nut infrount of the pigs and walk them inside placing them in this order…

  • Boy – Girl
  • Boy – Boy
  • Boy – Girl
  • Boy – Girl
  • Girl – Girl
  • Boy – Girl

(Feel free to swap the boys with girls, but the boy boy + girl girl should remain the same.)

Then move onto the second puzzle of which is outside, it is similar to sudoku; you need to have every dot match equally to the number vertically and horizontally…

If you are too lazy to work this out; do this…

Masseuse Badge

Back Massager

After recieving this puzzle, run up to the top floor and take a screen shot like this… (Or just use this bloody image..)

The Spiral Scouts - The Chaos Realm Guide

Go down a floor and into the room with the boner thinking his room looks off; make all the furniture match this image.

After recieving the key; run down to the basement and read the key; it should say…

+ 5, 8, 11, 12, 16

Follow the order using addition to decifer what you add to the previous number to get that number.


Then return into the same room and do the same with multiplecation

x 2, 8, 8, 40, 80

Follow the order, multiply to decifer what you add to the previous number to get that number.

x 2, 4, 1, 5, 2

Satanist Badge

Eugene the Neighbour

after talking to the concerned boner, go to the neighbours house and read the note in your hand; it should show a select pattern with X’s going through some of them.

To solve the password for the slab, look for a pattern within the note…

The answer to this is the following…

The password is: PORN

Once downstairs you will find a room with all the Boners; they have shapes floating above them, to solve this puzzle, move them into a formation that matches their shapes to the positioning on the circles.

The answer to this is…

Funky Freaky Dance Badge

The Hole

Talk to the DJ and do his three dances. The patern will blink on the floor in parts so write it down.

Pattern 1:

B – – – –
– – – – B
B – – – B

The trick to puzzle one is to take each step then step back over and over until the puzzle is completed; Remember each step has a round, First it turns blue to green to red then back to the start.
Start the bottom left on the G square. move down then back up, then to the next B… Continue.

Pattern 2:

– – B – –
B – G – B
– – B – –

Pattern 3:

– G – G –
– R G R –
– G – G –

Looker Badge

Missing Eyes

Simply follow the riddles to the locations, the answers are bellow.

“A big beautiful landscape with rolling green hills and a gernerous blue sky”
The vase besides the painting in the top floor of the inn.

“Blue, Green, Red…Blue, Green, Red”
In “The Hole” in the rocks to the side of the DJ

“Three letters next to each other, they are all the same letter”
In the barn, on the box besides the bottle of booze

“A red mushroom with green dots”
Behind the spawn in portal

Archery Badge

Getting the Drug Tree to Work

You will be asked to make ecstasy for DJ. ♥♥♥le; the ingredients include 3 ecstacy eye balls. To retrive these eyes you go to the blinking flowers.

At these flowers you wait for their eyes to close before running in to get the eyeball; the blinking follows a pattern.

Return to the tree and place the 3 eyeballs in the tree’s mouth; after doing so, walk to the left side, the eyes will move acording to where the lifsts should be..

The answers are the following…

  • Left Side: Down Up Up 
  • Right Side: Up Down Up
Written by Raven

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