The Spiral Scouts – The Life Realm Guide

This is a guide to assist you across any puzzles you may be having troubles with.

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Non Badge Puzzles

Puzzle 1: Pierre Blocks the Path

Collect Sour Butt Nuts from the trees above.
Eat Butt Nut infrount of Pierre, he will run away.

Puzzle 2: Fetch Meh a Drink

Run Up from meh to “Butt Juice” from here collect…

One Butt Nutt : The trees before the Portal, and 2 Sugars: One bag is besides ‘Big Boy’s’ Shop in a large bag labeled Sugar, and the second Read up on Puzzle 3; it will be located within Tad’s House.

Give butt juice back to meh.

Puzzle 3: Catch a Dirt Guppie

To initate, grab the shovel off the ground over the lake behind the ‘Butt Juice’ Store location.

Tad indicated to find the Dirt guppie under a large rock.
Dig the large rock in the right corner of the map.

The Spiral Scouts - The Life Realm Guide

Plumbing Badge

Fix the Fountain

Part 1: Read the top image and move the fountain using the arrows depending on the clock wise it asks you to move.

Start on 1 -> Move left until on number 7 -> Move right until on number 5 -> Move left until on number 11

Part 2: Go into the manhole… Look at bottom image and where there are pipes, follow turning the gears…

LOL Badge

Boy of the Stars

Wait until night time and look through the telescope, Write down the the position of every star.

If you do so correctly, you may get a sketch like this…

Each star on the map including the ones you don’t label as a moon condution can be found on the ground at your “Lunar shards”; One night start at number one and run to tap all the stones you have written down begining with one, then two, then three, etc.

The moon is represented as the circle of stones.

Botany Badge

The Depressed Tree

Go down to “Slam jackson” the witch in the area filled with purple mushrooms and ask about an antidepressant elixir; she will ask for 3 seritonin seeds.

Get seritonin seeds from Anxiety disorder plants, sprinkle pollen over the plant.

How to Get the Pollen

Go back to the tree and before it is the bee puzzle, this is not as hard as it seems.
A trick to this puzzle is to lower all the flowers down to 1 flower petal, the first to be full; leave the bee on that flower and DO NOT MOVE IT then, have the other 3 bees in a line behind it; do the last bee and keep only using the last bee over and over until finished. when another flower gets 3 petals, keep a bee on that flower too.

Meh’s Badge

Meh is Thirsty Again

Go back to Slam jackson after getting this quest, you ask about A** Juice and she will send you to retrive a sour butt juice, a sweet butt juice and 3 ripe smell shrooms.

How to Get the Smell Shrooms

Go to the front of the castle and eat a sweet butt nut infrount of Pierre; he will follow you back to the mushrooms and tell you which ones are ripe.

Time Travel Badge

The Old Mans House

Grab your shovel and dig right away to get the key.

Downstairs there are 6 panels, on the wall there is a paper; Hint: THINK NEGATIVE SPACES.

Top left: Small T, Top Middle: Square, Top Right: Large U, Bottom Left: Upside down Large T , Bottom Middle: Sideways L, Bottom Right: Large H

Then go to the top floor, change around the gears, Tip: Match the last 2 gears first!

Royal Badge

The King and Queens… Problem

Run down to slam jackson and ask about a virility elixir, she will ask for a golden flower and rainbow flower.

How To Get The Flowers

Golden Flower

Within the castle there are 3 portraits of the past queens with statements below them, match the flower trait with the statue of the queen based off this information

  • Queen vanessa: Lily, Rose, Orchid. 
  • Queen Marissa: Pansy, Daisy, Tulip. 
  • Queen Cassandra: Iris, Narcissus, cosmos. 

Rainbow Flower

Place flower in the rainbow order along the line.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

Keep in mind this table…

Treasure Badge

A Treasure Hunt

Simply follow the maps to each of the locations…

  • Teasure 1:

The Spiral Scouts - The Life Realm Guide

  • Treasure 2: 

The Spiral Scouts - The Life Realm Guide

  • Treasure 3: 

The Spiral Scouts - The Life Realm Guide

  • Once completed, move all the totums to match this pattern… 

The Spiral Scouts - The Life Realm Guide

Dirt Fishin’ Badge

Catch the fish that are read in the book within Tad’s house:

  • The Poop gobbler: Under the outhouse.
  • The Spotted gimp: Middle of the circle of rocks.
  • The Sex Offender: Under slam jackson.
  • The highborn tuna: Before the bridge to the castle.

Bring all the fish back to Tad.

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