Yakuza 0 – How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

Just a detailed guide to easily (and cheesily) defeating Mr. Shakedown and earning lots and lots of Yen in the process. Learn how to get Zap guns, how to use them, and how to multiply your money via Mr. Shakedown as Kiryu.

If you finish the game and max out all your skills, you will have many ways to defeat Mr. Shakedown. However, this guide shows you the quickest and easiest method. You don’t need any unlocked abilities, and you only need one CP reward to do it.

What’s a Zap Gun and How Do I Get One?

You can find a zap gun, a shotgun that deals electrical damage, at the Dragon and Tiger weapons shop. Use the “Equipment Search” feature to locate one. You’ll be able to access this shop during chapter 3 as you progress through the main story.

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

You can get a zap gun from any search area that lists “Shotgun” as a possible item. One place you can check right away is “Hunter’s Village” in Japan. It’s available as soon as the store opens. The Slime gun can also be found there. It’s similar to the zap gun but costs less and does less damage.

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

Different agents can find different items, with cheaper agents (on the left) being limited to cheaper items. Select the Adventurer on the extreme right, and give him about 5.7 million yen of extra funds (or a bit more if you want the search to go even faster).

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

The items you get from a search are random. They are decided when you talk to Hua after the search time ends and you get a pager message. You can try searching a few times until you get what you want. You can also save at a nearby phone booth before talking to Hua. Another option is to turn on the “save anywhere” setting. To do this:

  1. Go to Users[name]\AppData\Roaming\Sega\Yakuza0
  2. Open the settings.ini file
  3. Change SaveAnywhere from 0 to 1
  4. Save the file and make it read-only

Be careful not to save during fights or long cutscenes. It might corrupt your save file.

After you find a weapon, you can buy more of it at the store. Kiryu can’t use the weapons store until Majima starts doing weapon searches for him. You can find the weapon store in the northern part of the Kamurocho shopping area, just above the Empty Lot. Both Kiryu and Majima can buy all the weapons that the other character has found.

Now That I Have a Zap Gun, What’s so Great About It and How do I Use It?

Shakedowns (like most boss-type characters) are highly resistant to bullet and weapon damage. Here’s a Shakedown’s health bar before and after a shot from Kiryu’s Golden Pistol – a weapon which outright deletes mooks from existance:

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown
Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

And here’s his health bar after taking a shot or two from the zap gun:

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown
Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

The zap gun (and its weaker alternative, the slime gun) does elemental damage that most bosses can’t resist.

So you can just buy a bunch of zap guns and shoot Shakedown to pieces?

Kinda, but it’s ever so slightly more complicated. If you keep shooting Shakedown, he’ll eventually start dodging your shots. What you want to do is:

  • Equip the zap gun in your weapon slot. Switch to a dodgy style, and take out the gun AFTER dodging one of Shakedown’s attacks, when there’s some distance berween you. 
  • Lock onto him, wait for him to charge / swing, dodge away, then shoot him 2-3 times. If the auto-aim doesn’t screw you over, all the shots will connect. 
  • If you want to save a bit of money / make things less boring, you can charge up your heat bar with zap gun shots, then switch to a melee weapon (or Majima’s Slugger style), do a heat move, 2 stomps, heat move, 2 stomps, back to zap gun. 
  • Try to fight Mr. Shakedown in wide open areas, with plenty of room to dodge. Stock up on health items just in case – prioritize health recovery over heat recovery, obviously.

How Can I Multiply My Money while Mugging Shakedown as Kiryu?

You can easily max out all of Majima’s abilities in 10-20 Shakedown fights, if so inclined. But Kiryu lives large – he’ll be lucky to get enough money to upgrade one max level ability per fight. Never fear – there’s a solution that allows you to get all the yen (yip yip yap) after just a few Shakedown fights.
First of all, we need to unlock Mr. Shakedown’s Deep Pockets at the CP shrine.

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown
Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

It’s upgrade number 6 in the Battle related CP upgrades, and you need to have saved up quite a bit of CP to get it. Fortunately for you, every CP for stuff than can be achieved by both protagonists – talk to X people, run Y miles, travel by taxi Z times – adds a CP to both protagonists. So if you explore a bit as Majima, you’ll come back to Kiryu with a lot of extra CP. If that’s not enough, just explore the city a bit – eat everywhere, talk to everyone, do minigames and substories.

Anyways, once you do get the upgrade, whenever you defeat a Shakedown, you get back the money that he shook you down for multiplied by 1.5.

What does this mean?

Kiryu meets Mr. Shakedown with 100 billion yen in his pockets. He allows himself to be beaten down (these fights are a pretty good chance to learn how to fight Shakedown with no weapons, pressure free).

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

When he next tracks down Mr. Shakedown, it seems as though he’ll merely earn his money back.

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

But when he actually he unleashes zap gun justice, he gets back his lost funds x 1.5

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

How Do I Actually Find Mr. Shakedown?

The easiest way (besides randomly wandering around) is by equipping the Encounter Finder accessory. This acessory marks all (nearby) enemies on your map, and has a special icon for Mr. Shakedown, wherever he may be.

Majima has a really easy time of it – all he has to do is go to the Eastern bridge, and help out the person he meets there.

Kiryu has to go through three different substories before he gets the Encounter Finder – and he has to get the right answer during the last substory as well.

First of all, Kiryu needs to go slightly south of the CP shrine to trigger “The Show Must Go On”.

Next, head to the southern end of Tahei Boulevard.

Listen to two NPCs talking about Michael Jackson being in town. Enter and leave either of the nearby eateries to trigger Papillon Kato appearing and starting “Miracle on Tenkaichi Street”. Save beforehand – this mission can be quite buggy. As the mission ends, choose Black.

Finally, return to the same spot on Tahei Boulevard in order to hear NPCs talking about Michael being at the Maharaja disco.

Yakuza 0 - How to Easily Defeat Mr. Shakedown

Go there and fight his bodyguard in order to trigger “Miracle in Maharaja”. It doesn’t matter how well you do in the ensuing disco dance battle. Just choose Black in order to get the Encounter Finder at last.

Once you’ve fought Mr. Shakedown, he disappears from the game world – you need to either enter a store / restaurant, or get into a random fight to have him to respawn. Conversely, if you get into a random fight while running towards Mr. Shakedown, he may respawn elsewhere. The Quiet shoes you get from “Miracle on Tenkaichi Street” help avoid random fights until you get the Mr. Moneybags ability.

Ok, But How Do I Beat Mr. Shakedown in a Non-cheesy Way?

The basic tactic is to hit him in the back after he rushes / takes a swing. The most important advice is DON’T GET GREEDY – do a quick light-heavy attack (or a quick combo if he just did his AOE big swing), then get out. Learn his tells over a few encounters, so that you’re able to know in advance whether he’s going for a 1-2 or a 1-2-3 combo (or a rush vs a grab when he goes into Heat mode).

Forget about lock on – it slows down your movement speed, so you won’t be able to get at his back quickly enough. You might lock on to dodge his attack if the camera isn’t working with you – but then let go and run to get at his back.

Despite appearances, most of his attacks can be blocked if you’re out of room to dodge them. Only the big swing and the grab-rush (arms at his sides instead of in front of him) are unblockable.

Shakedown automatically counters most grab attempts, except for a few special instances like the “transition from finishing blow to grab” Dragon style ability or Beast style’s grab when he’s been knocked down.

Having the Quick Change clothes (from Bob the clown at the CP shrine) can give Kiryu an edge. You can switch to Rush to cancel a combo and dodge away when you overextend. Or switch to Beast style and do some powerful blows after Rushing at his back.

Even if you’re properly leveled, Shakedown’s health increases so quickly after repeated encounters that it can take forever to wear him down (at least until you get the Legendary style, which can’t be unlocked just by having a lot of money). Feel free to mix in weapon and heat moves whenever you build up enough heat – just make sure you have the time and free space to pull the weapon out.

Finally, you can counter Mr. Shakedown, particularly in Mad Dog style, but the exact timing is different for each attack.

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