Two Point Hospital – School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Creating the perfect society of pure-bred hospital employees. Basically how to train, manage, and build the perfect hospital staff system. This is not an extensive guide, but it really shows just how much effort into the training system really pays off in many ways. This may be great for those wanting to feed the OCD in you.


All credit goes to Shy Boo!

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Consistency in success rates = Less deaths for obvious reasons.

Controlled wages & Cheapest = Since I bred my employees from raw 0 recruits, they all have stable and similar starting salaries that carry out throughout their entire promotion/career development. So it’s completely controlled in terms of my long term finances.

Budgeting = Kinda similar to top, but you can manage to handle your finances consistently. I noticed wild card random specialists that were skilled (not trained by me) almost costed two of my home-bred employees who had more specialty and better traits. This also you’ll see a surge of profits once you have your. employees trained at this level.

Never taking loans = This was my approach, I just hate the idea of loans in real life and that applies to this game too. Since I typically don’t have high salary employees (to the norm since my pure-breds are always cheap :D). This will help you avert finiancial disaster.

Only the best traits/personalities = Weeding out and dismissing any litterers, rude, ragers, slobs etc (forgot the names), and I only pick out positive ones. that only help.

Controlled departments = Much easier bureaucracy in controlling entire departments & matching specialties.

Training in waves = lvl 1 GP -> lvl 2 GP etc.
I can manage to train my guys in bulk at a time to both time and training costs (I usually hired outside specialist to train my classes 160% since its faster and saves me 1 less person away from jobs) This is initially expensive but long-term saves costs since my guys are usually the cheapest you’d get on salaries. It essentially is “graduate classes of ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18. These guys will level up and train around the same time as they progress into their specialties.

OCD = Everyhing is in your control.


Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

*As you can see, even though this is the criteria of clean slate, he does have a negative trait. Thus I dismiss him as an applicant completely.

Time commitment = Obviously you are micromanaging your hiring process each hiring cycle for the majority of your start well into mid-level of the map (at least my first run-through while I was initially figuring out). I literally sped the time and dismissed guys left and right and only kept raw 0 skill recruits and only good traits/personalities as I mentioned. This will take a long time as you start.

Repetetive Process = Reinforcing what I said above, it does take alot of time and patience. The larger your staff becomes. hoever the more control you have in all of your operations.

Initial Cost of training = Comes with batch training your raw noobies at the school of mutants, i mean pure bred employees. It does hurt short term but I never took loans ever in this game. It saves me alot of money in salaries rest of the game so, few thousands/etc depending on your class sizes. Tbh it doesn’t hurt to have specialists with the cheapest salaries imaginable.

“Potential” Employee unhappiness = This was just my run of things, but I was spending a significant time training them and working them so I gave them less breaks. Necessary evils to train them the quickest. Use your discretion to keep them happy as you educate your employees.

Passing wild card high lvl employees = While I did hire some good ones to fill in my lack of skilled employees, I realized their salaries would offset my strategy. There were in essence my “temps”. Just to cover their shifts as they train, since I did train in large batches, chunks of my hospital would be short staffed. In time I learned how to manage this. I also realized that hiring high level and skilled professionals did have high recruitment fees that I overlooked. So as soon as my guys hit their levels. I always can these guys.

Hiring Process

Complete purity & Clean slate

What you have to do is find employees with either 0 skills set in or already lvl 1, unless they happened to be a skillset of exactly what you wanted:

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Example of a clean slate.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Example of lvl 1 doctors here I obviously need in Pyschiatric & General Practice. After looking over their traits, I would hire them. You would preferably want to hire these guys as It would save you time & money on training classes. For many reasons, I opted out of the typical random generated skil-set of this higher level doctor. Preference, I like my purities.

Classroom Rotations

Having multiple classrooms in session 24/7

I noticed my initial try at this entire training strategy of purebreds. It was more efficient having a number of different classrooms going on concurrently vs the 1 big lecture then wait, then start another class. For obvious reasons, you are not limited in the number of classes this is entirely plausible.

I find it best to have for starters when your economy is strong enough, to have 2 classes of 4-6 students being trained 24/7 around the clock. This ensures that chunk of your overall staff is always improving. In RTS games/management games to have trainable/expandable resources sitting, you’re wasting both the potential and long term growth by not taking advantage of training them. This is the same concept.


  • Rotations of different level employees developing diff skills & or same skills
  • Can also level up same skill sets @ different levels ex. a class of Treament 1 doctors/nurses & another class of Treatment 2 doctors/nurses to be brought up to speed.


  • Each classroom = that many more employees taken away from their normal duties and this gives way to potentially understaffed hospital. But I usually remedy this with “temp” staff I mentioned earlier. In real life that’s what temps are for.
  • Cost of training students in batches 24/7 can get pricey but since my entire hospital staff is already well trained with, the success rates being normally high breaks the cost of training even rather quickly. Again this is short term costs for long term investments.

Balancing Traits & Management

As mentioned in the section above, you should plan in advance what kind of workers you want in your team. As nice as it is to have all stacked traits of General Practice V or, Customer Service V.
It is ideal in my opinion to have the Personal Development Traits mixed in there.

For my awesome customer service team, I already made them level IV Customer Reps, however I noticed that as the hospital gets larger and larger, and the lines grow longer and longer.
With these guys, I should choose either the Motivation trait: +10% Speed & Efficiency, or Stamina Training: Energy drained at a reduced at a rate.
Again, in the end it’s an all numbers game. How you want your employees trained is up to you.


Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Here is a pefect example of employees headbanging in frustration.
Out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to change their break policy from “employees taking time off same time 30% to 50%”. Keep in mind that you would need several more employees on-call status. You may ask, why have extra people on my payroll when I can use the ones I already have?
Answer is exhaustion, unhappiness and more prone to unhappy customers.

To pull up the Break Policy, Go to Finiance tab -> Overview -> Staff

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Building Your Curriculum

Become the Teaching Hospital you were meant to be

As you all know by now. Teaching is costly in time and in resources.
Best route later down the road is the ability to have your staff self teach your hospital rather than bringing in outside sources at a hefty cost. This will cut off your expenses of hiring.


Your teaching ciriculum expands depending on your highest level employee of that given trait.
A doctor with V in GP can teach students for V, a nurse can teach IV in Treatment for IV classes and so forth.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Train Professors

Having your own teachers will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time.

That being said, having a maxed level employee GP V for example requires outside source to get him there, and then this doctor can begin training everyone else at max level.
Personally I prefer having a level 4 “____” skill employee with Training Masterclass
for that 50% teaching bonus on top of his traits.

Having a lvl 4 of every expertise of your hospital with this Training Masterclass will help you get to that point of training all of your classes at a much speedier rate.
Time = money & saving time will save you considerable headaches of being understaff/being shorthanded of your higher level staff.

I would highly recommend having one of every skill possible at lvl 4 with Masterclass as dedicated teachers. To teach their speciality classes from lvl 1-4. And have at least another lvl 5 specialist to train the final batch of lvl 4s -> lvl 5.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Tuition Rates

Teaching from within will save you considerable dough that we previously dismissed early-mid game of training your staff. Coughing up $25,000 for lvl 5 courses per student will hurt your bank depending on how you are managing your finiances.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Job Assignment & Consolidating Departments

Next we control where your employees go on day to day basis.

I’m not introducing anything new as this is already built into the game but it took me a while to realize this was a feature under “Job Assignment” for staff, as I browsed alot of forums wondering how to assign staff rather than pick-up & drop which never stayed consistent. This makes sure you maximize your staff

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

This goes back to my Pros list of consolidating your departments to be what you trained them to be.
For obvious reasons, I set my highly trained “Treatment” specialists into specialties dealing with:

  • Clown Clinic
  • Pans Lab
  • De-Lux Clinic
  • etc.

While at the same time, I restrict all other professions/specialists from ever working in these departments. I don’t want my Diagnostician, nor my General Practice doctor to work in these labs/clinics (with their 0 skill set in Treatment).

What you do is uncheck/grey out departments your inidividual employees can or cannot go. This really allows you to control your entire staff. I for the first 30min-1hr kept dropping off employees when they would wander off or etc. Control your staff and you don’t have to pick up everyone during a frenzy anymore.

Resulting Salary Differences = Economic Impact

Results of what artificially controlled salaries look like.

Here is a rough display of what the end results are of having pure-bred employees vs random high level highers.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

New candidate (random I will never take) as a lvl 4 doctor Demanding $37,949.

Two Point Hospital - School of the Gifted Employees Guide

Old crew mixed in with high level “temps” salary comparison. Note the Avg $30,000 salaries for lvl 4 star specialists.

If you take a good look at these. You’ll notice that doctors based on their experience (stars), and those with “Ready to Train” aka class teachable. There is a significant salary difference between random high level specialists., and my home-grown specialists.

A Whopping $5,000-7,000 difference between a random lvl 4 random specialist $37,949 and my lvl 4 full fledged specialist ~$30,000 salaries.

In the least when you have an entire hospital of dozens of doctors and dozens of nurses, and everyone else who is full fledge trained this way. I’m litreally saving tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per cycle just in salaries alone I aritificially controlled.

Keep in mind that the differences in your employee’s salaries is what you adjust for their promotions. This variable is pretty much something you can also control tightly as they level up.

I personally did not take this into account until after I made this guide as, during my run-through. I had so many trained/training employees promoted (3 at a time+ around the clock) that I just auto accepted their promotion salary raises.

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