SCUM – Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features

This Guide is here to help you learn all the hidden controls / features of SCUM!

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Movement / Character Tips and Secrets

You can Control your crouch hight to make yourself less visable/vulnerable

  • By pressing Control + Mouse Scroll Wheel to move your character up and down between standing and crouching and anything in between!

You Keep Overdosing on Medicines and Don’t Know Why?

  • Well the simple answer is you should simply make sure you are full/have eaten before you take any medicine or drugs will give you a overdose debuff (Is that even the proper way to refer to that in this situation?) because they can’t metabolise properly without food in your system.

Oh No! I Ate Something Bad/Took To Much Medicine!

  • Oh, its alright Johnny just make like a bulimic cheerleader after Thanks Giving dinner! Hold Tab>Select The Toilet Icon>Click Vomit Picture.

Hidden Controls / Tips With Snipers!

You Can Adjust Your Zeroing With Your Scope

  • By pushing Shift + Mouse Wheel while aiming down sites/scope!

You Can Adjust Your Windage On Your Scope Aswell! (Not Sure if it’s Needed yet But it’s Pretty Spiffy to Play With!)

  • By Pushing Shift + Alt + Mouse Wheel you can adjust to compensate for the wind! (When it’s added well I havent had to use it at all yet).

SCUM - Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features

Finally, Range Finding AH! I hear You asking, Screaming and Pleading! Well, Whats The Point Of Zeroing or Setting The Windage if I Don’t Know the Range of My Target or Which Way The Wind is Blowing!?

SCUM - Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features

  • Well first I must tell you to calm down! By just ever so gently tapping the Ctrl button while aiming down sights will intitiate the range finding feature built in as a standard in all scopes in SCUM! Now you can know the Pressure, Tempature, Humidity, Wind, and Range in between you and your target!

You Can Hold Your Breath to Stabilize Your Aim!

  • By holding the Ctrl button you can stabilize your aim to take those really long shots!

Sniping Without Zeroing Scope (My Preferred Method!)

SCUM - Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features

  • Basically whats shown here is my scope and where my shot will land if I pulled the trigger, the way I like to think of it is in percentiles the image shown shows the tree (kinda difficult to make an example of a puppet they kept de-spawning at long ranges so bear with me.) is 263 meters away, so basically each tick on the scope measures 100 meters apart so first is 100 meters **Since The Scope Is Zeroed at 100 Meters** that means the second tick is at 200 meters and the third is at 300 meters and so on. Back to what I was saying the tree is at 263 meters out, in order for the bullet to hit my target I need to aim 63% of the way between tick 200 and tick 300, which is a little over half-way down thus hitting the target where my 263 mark is at, this works with zeroing as long as its set to 100 if you zero at 200 the numbers get wonky. If i wanted to hit roughly in the same area I did there while zeroing I usually would round up and zero to 300m and aim a hair low. But you shouldn’t have to worry to much about zeroing unless your going 500m+ out, if demanded enough I’ll add in a long distance shooting guide and to zero without using the range finder.
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