SMITE – Fall Split Season Five Tier List (5.16)

This will be a simple tier list based off current pro picks and personal opinion. Feel free to disagree. I will be using the universal tier names including SS, S+, S, A+, A, B+, B, C, D

SS Tier

SS Tier

This section currently included no gods. This is an extremely situational section that defines a god as unkillable and unbeatable in any scenario. These gods have a 100% win ratio in casuals, ranked and pro league. These gods will be 100% ban rate in ranked, and pro league period.

S+ Tier

S+ Tier

Usually means the gods included in it are some of the highest ban rates and will win in most situations.
The following gods are considered S+ in the current version of the game(5.16).


undoubtably is one of the most powerful gods in the game. The current meta being “burst meta” Loki will melt any god in the game faster than anyone else. Any gods that he cannot, he will simply run and split push any lane of his choosing. Loki is completely elusive and is a god that can choose his battles any time of the game at any position on the map. Loki is good for 1 on 1 engagements and lacks when it comes to team fights. When it comes to team fights loki will commonly be absent and split pushing an oppisite lane far fromt he fights.

Ne Zha

Ne Zha once again, a strong god in this burst meta, has an insane early game and doesnt really drop off at all in the following time of playing him. He is able to single out a target and completely take him out of the fight while bursting him down. Crit is one of the strongest items on this god and helps his kit a lot.

S Tier

S Tier

Usually gods banned within second round after S+ gods have been banned off.

The following gods are included in the S-tier current status of the game(5.16).

Baron Samedi

Baron was a recently released new god that has too much healing and does too much damage. This god has been nerfed three times since release and yet he can still 1v3 situations like they are nothing else. Baron’s kit is cool but has too much CC, healing, and damage. I beleive this will be a character that will either be really strong or super terrible, other examples of this are; He Bo and Ah Puch.


The first Polynesian goddess in the game, Pele is a super fun character to play, but her healing combined with the burst damage she does in this current meta is a frustrating thing to deal with. Pele’s kit has a lot of damage and as she dives in she tends to be able to dive in freely since her passive has lifesteal after a ceartain threshold.


Haciman, one of my favorite hunters to play sees little movement in the way of being able to pick him up and play him successfully. His ability to poke from far distances with extra damage is a key part of keeping him alive. Along with this, the included MP5 off of his passive helps keep him in lane longer than almost all adc’s in the early game, helping him get ahead. Building the new item “Berserkers sheild” early game has proven to help me well in both ranked, and casual.


Chaac was pretty strong in the beginning of the season but although seeing a little drop off with new gods in the game he can still compete with top solo laners such as Baron and Hercules. He counters bellona well and can be a good choice going into a Loki. Being able to slow him down mystical mail is not a bad choice when fighting against an enemy Loki.


With the new changes to Freya she is a perfect magical ADC for this current meta, being able to burst down any character in the game. Unfortunately, where she is powerful it also hurts her. The damage she gains from her 1 and 2 (her two working as a xabalanque 1 now) she is a very mana intensive character.


Although a hard character to fully master, Janus has a very high damage output with impressive range. Pairing the damage that he has with the mobility from his portals, Janus is an excellent pick for poking, bursting, and escpaing.


“The Father of The Middle Lane.” Zeus’ damage and recently buffed abilities help keep this barely mobile god dishing out enough damage to still look like a threat. The large range of his sheild and extreme bonus damage of his three paired with the low cooldowns help Zues keep control of his lane.

A+ Tier

A+ Tier

Consits of late phase ban picks. These gods are still very strong but a bit more situational than S and S+. Some of the gods in this list are “float picks” and can play multiple positions. This is strong when the enemy has to translate and decide what to play where to counter which god.
The following gods are A+ tier in the current version of the game(5.16).


Being a warrior with an execute was already a poor (but cool) decision for the players of smite. Being able to fully secure a kill in solo lane with an execute is huge. His ability to switch between more movement speed, or more protections help keep Achillies survive a little more in lane, and can even be picked as a good jungle character. Although his healing capabilites are still very much present, Achillies damage has dropped off along with movement after a few nerfs.


Cerberus, being one of my favorite gaurdians in the game, has an amazing kit. Cerberus’ anti-heal is really strong against top tier characters like Ne Zha, Pele, and Baron Samedi. The protection strips that he applies is extremely useful in any posistion. Cerberus excels at both being a Support and a Solo Laner. Cerberus has plenty of damage and a good amount of CC. His ult is an excellent one to combo into a Ne Zha ring then ult or even with a Janus. He excels at being able to set up any god for a kill with his stuns, protection strips, and wide range ult.


Geb is just a rolling rock that is good at rolling. (end line).
Just kidding, Geb is really good at controlling a team fight in the way he wants it to go. An enemy that bursts everything into one god will end up being pretty suprised when Geb puts a sheild on them saving them from the incoming attempted massacre. His HP percentile based ult that stuns for a significant time helps teamates secure hard to catch kills such as Loki.


With the ability to strip protections in basic attacks and have the highest base attack damage in the beginning of the Anhur is good at boxing most ADC’s and can eat away at Supports and frontliners with ease. Anhur does lack in mobility and is easily caught out when an enemy converges and bursts him down.


Ra has high mobility ratings and low cooldowns. Pairing this with his healing, Ra is in it for the long run in his ability to sustain lane and escape tight ganks and unwinnable fights. Ra has seen his fair share of nerfs after the absurdly low cooldown on his Ult caused him to be a big power move in any game. The long range snipe helped Ra take down a squishy enemy from a safe distance within every sixty seconds. Ra was also excellent at securing objectives from once again, a safe distance.


I wish Kali was better in this game. Recent items added to the game help Kali stay up top where she is able to compete. Her inability to die when her ult is up helps her jump in and burst down any target of her choice. Yes, this means supports, warriors, hunters, anything. Gaining an entire second health bar then safely jumping out until 70 seconds later when her ult is up again.

Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui does an insane amount of damage in the late game. His ability to keep healers at bay with divine ruin paired with his one is also a crucial part in a team fight including him. His Super-Skillshot-Ult helps chase down and secure kills. When his ult is going off, a seasoned Zhong player can be hard to kill.


Fenrir in the current meta has some pretty good burst and healing. His ult is multifunctional and can be used in multiple ways in a teamfight. If you were looking to take a tank as far from a team fight as possible you can do that. If you’re the type of dog to just jump in, stun, ult, and take the squishiest opponent out and fetch them back to your team you’re more than welcome to do that as well.


Mercury gets a bad rap for being just a pub-stomp kind of character. These days with the amount of burst and movement needed to survive Mercury is looking to be a top choice pick/ban. He can compete with the early game of Ne Zha, is faster than Loki, and can shred through pretty much everything if you load enough crit on your bloodforge.


Athena’s mobility on her ult can help her get anywhere that she has a teamate. She is also a great god to go solo, support, and maybe jungle although with the recent nerf to the Speed Buff she could be weak in the movement to buffs and when ganking lanes without her ult. She has an amazing kit that helps pull enemies that are trying to flee from a fight. The wide cone-shaped taunt helps counter against a loki. Building mystical mail and finding where he is, the taunt pulls him out of his cloak mode meaning he is forced to fight with abilities down for at least a couple of seconds.

A Tier

A Tier

Tends to be balanced gods that are not often first pick or first ban, but when push comes to shove they have a tendency to come out really strong when in the right hands. These gods tend to be a bit more situational than the gods in the tiers before them.

I will not be doing a description for each god in this section, if I find an important talking point it will be below in a list format.

The following are included in the A-tier of the current game version (5.16).

  • Agni 
  • Ah Muzen Cab 
  • Ah Puch 
  • Amaterasu 
  • Ao Kuang 
  • Aphrodite 
  • Apollo 
  • Ares 
  • Artemis 
  • Artio 
  • Awilix 
  • Bacchus 
  • Bakasura 
  • Bastet 
  • Bellona 
  • Cabraken 
  • Camazotz 
  • Cernunnos 
  • Chang’e 
  • Chernobog 
  • Chrion 
  • Cu Chulainn 
  • Cupid 
  • Da Ji 
  • Discordia 
  • Erlang Shen 
  • Fafnir 
  • Ganesha 
  • Guan Yu 
  • Hades 
  • He Bo 
  • Hel 
  • Hercules 
  • Hou Yi 
  • Hun Batz 
  • Isis 
  • Izanami 
  • Jing Wei 
  • Kuzenbo 
  • Medusa 
  • Neith 
  • Nike 
  • Nox 
  • Nu Wa 
  • Osiris 
  • Poseidon 
  • Raijin 
  • Rama 
  • Ratataskr 
  • Ravana 
  • Scylla 
  • Serqet 
  • Skadi 
  • Sobek 
  • Sol 
  • Sun Wukong 
  • Susano 
  • Sylvanus 
  • Terra 
  • Thanatos 
  • The Morrigan 
  • Thor 
  • Thoth 
  • Tyr 
  • Ullr 
  • Vamana 
  • Vulcan 
  • Xbalanque 
  • Xing Tian 
  • Ymir 

Ah Puch

Ah Puch’s buff to his one helps put him back in a more balance position.

B+ Tier

B+ Tier

This is the “Super Situational” tier of the game. These gods CAN be picked and might be picked, but wasting a ban on them is pointless, and only seasoned players with the god can make an impact worth not f6’ing for.

The following gods are B+ tier and worst in the games current version(5.16).

Anubis has insane damage and crazy healing, but why is he so situational and not picked much at all? Anubis has a very lack luster feel for mobility. He has to stand still for 2 of his abilities and his movement speed is practically non-exsistent. Anubis can be easily caught out of posistion and easily taken out of the fight by most gods and people who outsmart him. Building anti-heal shuts Anubis down almost fully as he HEAVILY relies on the ability to sustain massive amounts of damage as sacrifive for not being able to move when ulting or using his one.


Arachne brings practically nothing to teamfights, her only ability to escape is her ultimate that is on quite a lengthy cooldown, and she is only really good at bursting down objectives. She will die easily if she tries to pick out one target as her stun requires her to be in someones face for up to two seconds. Long enough for a team to see her and slaughter her. She isn’t very compatible with a lot of items in the game and needs a select build everytime she plays.


Although his ult is a literal lifesaver, he once again has little to offer as most supports outdamage him completely.


Awful mobility, and although he does a lot of damage, it is damage overtime and will not help him in a fast paced burst meta.


Kumbhakarna really doesnt fit well into team comps and is once again very situational.


Nemesis emerged in the start of the season as a very strong goddess but has very quickly fallen off as the nerfs she has received does not contend well with the fast paced burst meta of the game.


Odin is a god that pretty much kills himself in this meta. He forces himself and let’s say Ne Zha into a cage where he will then be bursted down and ulted until nothing remains of him but ravens.

B Tier

B Tier

B tier characters need a serious buff to be applicable in any scenario.B-tier characters could use small tweaks to their current kits to help them get back to where they need to. Rarely do gods fall into this category.

There is currently no gods in B-tier in this version of the game(5.16).

C Tier

C Tier

C Tier characters are completely irrelavant and will get shut out everytime. These gods could use a couple of good tweaks to their kit in order to be relevant again. There is no pick/ban statistics for them as they are never picked or banned. If you choose these gods you are trolling.

There is currently no gods in the C-tier in the current version of the game(5.16)

D Tier

D Tier

If a god is in D-tier it needs a serious revision to it’s kit and a complete change all around.There are currently no gods in D-tier in the current game version.

Written by Aleks

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