CHRONO TRIGGER – Arris Dome Stuck

I read that a lot of people get stuck in arris dome, and myself included but I got a reliable way of getting the password to work.


After you defeat the boss and caught the rat that tells you the password you have to go back and put it in the pannel on the right, here you have to press x, v, and c in that order to open the platform, but here you have to press the keys slowly like 1 second between each and that is the way.

I tried it faster but it does not input correctly, other way is pressing the x, v and c at the same time three times and that should also work.

To clarify this was done with the default settings and keybinds, a way of telling you are doing it right is that once you press the right input there is a little ting sound.

If you have a question leave it here, and when I have the time i will answer it.

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