ARK: Survival Evolved – All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

A detailed guide to all you need to know about the elusive night predator, Megalosaurus.


The Megalosaurus of ark is like no other creature in game. The size of the carno, yet as powerful as a rex. A day and night cycle that determines its strengths and weaknesss, and most of all – its kickass roar! In this guide im going to go in-depth about what to expect from the Megalosaurus, how it can help you tribe, what it does, and what it takes to breed them. Stick around!

What is a Megalosaurus?


The Megalosaurus is a medium sized nocturnal predator that resides within two caves in the ark universe. They stand about the same size as a Carnotaurus, but are much stronger then them in many aspects. They are the only theropods in game to have feathers (Atleast of there size). They have the unique ability to grab small to medium sized creatures, even flyers as large as Argentavis.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

What is their purpose?

The purpose of a Megalosaurus tame has both PvP and PvE reasons. PvE wise, it’s ability to grab medium sized animals (Such as Gallimimus and Kangaroos), and medium sized flyers (like Tapejara and Argentavis) make a Megalosaurus a tamers best friend. You can even dismount and it will still hold on to the animal. Best of all, during the night, they don’t aggro anything. So you won’t have to worry about your chosen animal attacking you or running away!

As for PvP, they can be quite useful if utilized right. Raiders can mobilize them as mounts during the night, with there added strength, can even go against rexs. With their ability to be un-detected by wild creatures, you can remain unseen until you launch your attack. They can immobilize enemy animals and flyers with there gripping ability, and tear them to shreds while holding them. They can also grab people to, and with there large health pool and torpor, won’t have to worry about taking much damage.

It should be noted that a lot of people generally disregard Megalosaurus for raiding in favor of animals like rexs due to there night/day cycle. They can only be utilized during the night, and raiders will have to watch the clock because once day hits, they become worthless. Only those truely dedicated and experienced with Megalosaurus should utilize them.

If you wanted a size comparison, here you go.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

Day and Night


Megalosaurus are very sluggish and serve no real purpose other then taking up space. If not forced to stay awake, they will go to sleep to avoid gaining sleep debt. Sleep debt is gained when the Megalosaurus is awake during the day (daytime last from 5:12 to 20:20). Sleep debt stacks to 120, and once it is full your Megalosaurus will begin to gain torpor as long as you have it phased in. Sleep debt also occurs in wild Megalosaurus. This will only happen if you either riding the Megalosaurus during the day, or have the “Set Awake” Command, which I will explain shortly. It should also be noted that they will contiue to defecate and lay eggs while sleeping, so you’ll have to coax them awake to check for such things.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)


They may be sluggish during the day, but at night is when they truely become scary. They shrug off there sluggish nature and turn full-blown carnivore. With heightened speed, stamina, and health at night, they are a force to be reckoned with. During the night, they also gain one more advantage: they will aggro no wild animals whatsoever, even when attacking them. This is extremly beneficial when your grabbing a creature and trying to tranq/move it, or when your conduction night-time recon. Their eyes glow a yellowish color during the night, and occasionally they will randomly roar. Such a roar can be access with the C button. Be careful though, as the night is not as long as the day, and you don’t want to get caught in the middle of nowhere with a drowsy Megalosaurus.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

Awake and Sleep Commands

Certain situations may require that your Megalosaurus needs to stay asleep or awake, so functions to there wheel were added to provide players the options to:

  • Stay Awake
  • Stay Asleep
  • Remove Stay Lock
  • Wake up
  • Go to sleep

Stay Asleep has no negative side effects aside from slight accelerated hunger loss, but Stay Awake can be negative during the day, incuring sleep debt that may result in your Megalosaurus knocking out.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

Sleep Debt


Sleep Debt occurs when a Megalosaurus is unable to sleep during the day, caused by “Sleep Deprived”. Overtime it’ll gain 120/120 sleep debt, at this point it will begin to gain torpor and feel “Drowsy”. There speed is extremly slow, they lose all there stamina so they can’t run, and there torpor rises very fast. Even when they knock themselves out, they will keep their sleep debt. When they wake up, if the “Stay Awake” Command is not applied, or it’s a wild Megalosaurus, they will sleep to get rid of the debt. Once they expell it, they will either sleep until night, or wake up if it’s already night.

The only way to get rid of sleep debt is to let your Megalosaurus sleep.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)


The Caves

Currently, Megalosaurus can only be found in caves. To be more specific, they can only be found in TWO caves: The Central cave of The Island, and the Grave of the Tyrants in Scorched Earth. In my Personal opinion, I have gotten my Megalosaurus from the SE cave, but whichever cave you find the easiest is your best bet for getting Megalosaurus. Only 4-5 spawn at a time in a single cave though.

Central Cave Location

Scorched Earth Location

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)
ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

High Level Stats

If your curious to see just how powerful Megalosaurus are, heres a rare glimpse at some high level stats from a Megalosaurus I tranqed.


ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

Stand Up

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)


The Basics

By far one of the trickiest animals to breed, Megalosaurus babies inherit their parents day/night cycles and will sleep during the day and be awake at night. However, a sleeping Megalosaurus baby will lose its hunger faster then you can replenish it. Shortly after it will starve itself to death.

ARK: Survival Evolved - All About Megalosaurus (The Night Predator)

In-Depth Explanation

This is going to be a long passage. In order to avoid Megalosaurus babies from starving themselves to death, you need to enable the “Stay Awake” command mentioned earlier. You already know that if Megalosaurus are awake during the day, they will gain sleep debt, and thus torpor. This is correct for babies as well, but there is a way to work around this so you can avoid your baby knocking itself out.

Before I go into detail, let me mention that its completely ok for your baby to knock itself out, but only if you are present there! If you are present for your baby knocking itself out, then all you need to do it make sure its fed and feed it stimulants to get it waking itself up. Note that the sleep debt WILL remain with the baby even when knocked out.

In order to get around your baby knocking itself out, you need to not have your baby rendered in. Little known fact: Megalosaurus do not gain torpor from sleep debt when not rendered in. It is wise to imploy the method of phasing your baby out atleast twice during the day to avoid it knocking itself out. Be mindful of its torpor though, as you may be calling it close.

When night time comes, you’ll want to have your baby act like a normal baby. In order to do this, you need to get rid of it’s sleep debt. You’ll have to let it sleep for a very short period, but don’t worry. As long as you watch its hp and give it raw meat to eat (which it will eat through very quickly), it will gain its hp back faster then it loses it. Once its sleep debt is gone, if its already night they will automatically wake up. From this point, they act like normal babies.

Do not forget to set “Stay Awake” on your babies at all time, else they will sleep and die.


Taming a Megalosaurus can be a difficult endeavor. Not only do you have to worry about the time of day that could effect your tranqing process, but you also have to worry about other creatures inside the cave. I’d recommend clearing them out first before you engage in tranqing your chosen Megalosaurus.

Kibble wise, your going to need Oviraptor kibble. Make sure you tame a good bit of them and stock on their eggs before you engage in any taming.

You will have to employ starve taming to tame Megalosaurus (You starve it to a point where it will then eat all the food required to tame it). Unlike other animals, Megalosaurus will automatically wake up at 20:20 each day, even if they are tranqed.


There are two strategies that come to mind when you want to tame a Megalosaurus: The Day strategy, and the Night Strategy.

Day Strategy

Using their sluggish nature against them, you can use a combination of your own tranquilizors and the sleep debt on Megalosaurus to knock them out. Remember: Sleep debt on Megalosaurus causes them to gain torpor. It is recommended you do this method at the break of morning, to maximize your time starving it. This is the safest method to tranq Megalosaurus, as during the night they are far more ferocious.

NIght Strategy

During the night, Megalosaurus are far more active and powerful. In order to try and suppress this new found strength of theirs, create sleep debt in them right before they are bound to wake up. Even with 20:20 hits, they will keep there sleep debt as long as you don’t allow them to fall asleep. Every time they try to fall asleep, shoot them. I recommend starting this process not long before night hits, but give yourself time to create torpor on the Megalosaurus. This strategy, while more dangerous, can allow you the Maximum amount of time starving them.

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