Valkyria Chronicles 4 – All Ace Locations and Corresponding Weapon Drops

Simple guide showing all enemy ace locations on every applicable map and what each one drops.

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For the Obsessive-compulsive Completionists…

Let’s just skip the intro and cut to the actual content; I’m sure you all would rather keep playing the game than read through walls of text.

Currently, therer’s no way to really tell if you’ve killed an ace or not in-game, but for the majority of the time each ace drops a unique weapon. Unfortunately, normal skirmish ace drops end up being identical weapon as some of the story mission ace drops. There’s 10 of those overlapping identical drops and I’ll list them separately so it’s a 50/50 chance to try and hit the ace you missed (If you’re unsure, it’s probably better to try the skirmish map first as they are easier to complete usually). Bottom line is, if you cannot find a corresponding weapon in your equipment tab, chances are you missed that particular ace.

Identical / Overlapping Drops

  • ZM Kar 1(e) – Chapter 2, normal skirmish 2.
  • ZM Kar 2(e) – Squad Stories: Like Old Times, normal skirmish 4.
  • ZM Kar 3(e) – Chapter 8.2, normal skirmish 7.
  • ZM Kar 4(e) – Squad Stories: To Live Unbound, normal skirmish 9.
  • ZM Kar 5(e) – Chapter 15.2, normal skirmish 10.
  • ZM MP 1(e) – Chapter 3.1, normal skirmish 3.
  • ZM MP 2(e) – A Prayer for the Broken, normal skirmish 5.
  • ZM MP 3(e) – Unfortunate Souls, normal skirmish 6.
  • ZM MP 4(e) – Chapter 14.2, normal skirmish 8.
  • ZM MP 5(e) – Chapter 16, hard skirmish 1.

Table of Enemy Ace Weapon & Parts Drops

Legends – Skirmish (N) = Normal, (H*) = Hard, (C**) = Challenge.


Machine Guns:

Lancer Mortars:

Sniper Rifles:

Grenadier Mortars:

Tank Parts

Main Story:

  • Spring Drive (Cactus)
  • Firing Calculator (Glory)
  • Firing Calculator (Hafen)

Squad Stories:

  • Reinforced Frame (Hafen)
  • Spring Drive (Glory)

Skirmish (Challenge):

  • Reinforce Frame (Cactus)

Ace Locations – Story Missions

Chapter 2 – ZM Kar 1(e)

Chapter 3 – ZM MP 1(e)

Chapter 4.2 – ZM SG 1(e)

Chapter 4.3 – ZM SG 1(e)

Chapter 6 – VB GW 1(e)

Chapter 7.1 – ZM SG 2(e)

Chapter 7.2 – Spring Drive (Cactus)

Chapter 8 – ZM Kar 3(e)

Chapter 9 – VB PL 3(e)

Chapter 10 – VB GW 2B(e)

Chapter 11.2 – Firing Calculator (Glory)

Chapter 12 – VB PL 1B(e)

Chapter 13 – ZM SG 4(e)

Chapter 14 – ZM MP 4(e)

Chapter 15.1 – Firing Calculator (Hafen)

Chapter 15.2 – ZM Kar 5(e)

Chapter 16 – ZM MP 5(e)

Chapter 17.1 – VB PL 4(e)

Chapter 17.2 – ZM SG 5(e)

Ace Locations – Squad Stories

Squad Stories: Like Old Times – ZM Kar 2(e)

Squad Stories: A Prayer for the Broken – ZM MP 2(e)

Squad Stories: Reluctant Solitude – VB GW 7B(e)

Squad Stories: Honor, Pride, and Regret – VB GW 3(e)

Squad Stories: Worlds Apart – ZM SG 3(e)

Squad Stories: To Live Unbound – ZM Kar 4(e)

Squad Stories: Treading New Ground – Reinforced Frame (Hafen)

Squad Stories: Legacies Left – Spring Drive (Glory)

Squad Stories: Love and Logic – VB GW 4B(e)

Squad Stories: Unfortunate Souls – ZM MP 3(e)

Squad Stories: Gambler’s Ruin – VB PL 2(e)

Squad Stories: Soul of the Navy – ZM Kar 6(e)

Ace Locations – Skirmish (Normal)

Normal Skirmish 2 – ZM Kar 1(e)

Normal Skirmish 3 – ZM MP 1(e)

Normal Skirmish 4 – ZM Kar 2(e)

Normal Skirmish 5 – ZM MP 2(e)

Normal Skirmish 6 – ZM MP 3(e)

Normal Skirmish 7 – ZM Kar 3(e)

Normal Skirmish 8 – ZM MP 4(e)

Normal Skirmish 9 – ZM Kar 4(e)

Normal Skirmish 10 – ZM Kar 5(e)

Ace Locations – Skirmish (Hard)

Hard Skirmish 1 – ZM MP 5(e)

Hard Skirmish 2 – VB PL 2B(e)

Hard Skirmish 3 – ZM MP 6(e)

Hard Skirmish 4 – VB PL 5(e)

Hard Skirmish 5 – VB GW 5(e)

Hard Skirmish 6 – ZM SG 6(e)

Hard Skirmish 7 – VB GW 6(e)

Hard Skirmish 8 – ZM MP 7(e)

Hard Skirmish 9 – ZM Kar 7(e)

Ace Locations – Skirmish (Challenge)

Challenge Skirmish 1 – VB PL 3B(e)

Challenge Skirmish 2 – ZM SG X(e)

Challenge Skirmish 3 – Reinforced Frame (Cactus)

Ace Locations – Extra Stories

A Captainless Squad

A Sleuth of Bears – ZM SG XD(e)

Snowball Fight – ZM MP XD(e)

Squad E, to the Beach!

Map 1 – Swimsuits for Claude, Riley, Kai, and Raz

Map 2 – Swimsuit for Minerva

Ace Locations – Skirmish (Expert DLC)

Expert Skirmish 1 – ZM Kar X(e)

Expert Skirmish 2 – VB PL6(e)

Expert Skirmish 3 – ZM MP 8(e)

Expert Skirmish 4 – ZM SG X2(e)

Expert Skirmish 5 – ZM Kar 8(e)

Expert Skirmish 6 – VB GW 8(e)

In-game Weapon List and How to Obtain Them

This is a list of all weapons that you need to obtain to complete the Excellence in Armament medal and the Arms Racer achievement for each class. It does not include any reward weapons from DLCs currently as they don’t count towards medal / achievement.

Infirmary Rank 1 to Rank 5 weapons correspond to the order of weapons listed under the Mission Rewards tab. In other words, Rank 1 will only ever possibly give you the 1st weapon listed under the Mission Rewards for each class, and Rank 5 will only ever possibly give you the 5th weapon listed etc., with the exception of lancer mortars.


R&D Development:

  • Lenfield M14 
  • Brown M10 
  • Gallian S23 

Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • Lenfield R1 
  • Gallian X1R 
  • Gallian A10R 
  • Gallian X20R 
  • Lenfield R11 

Enemy Ace Drops:

  • ZM Kar 1 to 7(e) 

Machine Guns

R&D Development:

  • Robinson M104 
  • Reising M9A10 
  • Mags M23 

Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • Robinson M91R 
  • MAJ-X M1R 
  • Reising M9A1R 
  • MAJ-X M30R 
  • Robinson M101R 

Enemy Ace Drops:

  • ZM MP 1 to 7(e) 

Lancer Mortars

R&D Development:

  • M2EQ-14 
  • SB9-10 
  • Lancaar SH M23 

Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • Lancaar M1R (infirmary rank 1 or rank 2) 
  • M2EQ-5R (infirmary rank 3 or rank 4) 
  • SB9-7R 

Enemy Ace Drops:

  • VB PL 1 to 5(e) 
  • VB PL 1B to 3B(e) 

Sniper Rifles

R&D Development:

  • LF Wasp No.14 
  • LF-ASR No.10 
  • GSR-33 

Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • LF Wasp No.1R 
  • Brondel M101XR 
  • LF-ASR No.1R 
  • Gautt R 
  • LF Wasp No.11R

Enemy Ace Drops:

  • ZM SG 1 to 6(e) 
  • ZM SG X(e) 

Grenadier Mortar

R&D Development:

  • Sanders M14 
  • Elias MA13 
  • Hartman MS13 

Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • Hartman MS1R 
  • Sanders M3R 
  • Elias MA4R 
  • Sanders M8R 
  • Hartman MS10R 

Enemy Ace Drops:

  • VB GW 1, 3, 5, 6(e) 
  • VB GW 2B, 4B, 7B(e) 

Infirmary Rank 5 is not automatically unlocked. The criteria to unlock Rank 5 is to achievement 80% completion rate on all the following maps (verification needed): 2-1, 4-1, 4-3, 6-1, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15-1, 17-1, Squad E Assemble

Completion is factored by the following 5 conditions:

  • Obtain A Rank 
  • Killing leader units (the ones with the gold CP emblem that breaks upon their deaths) 
  • Killing tank units (including gatling guns and heavy AT guns) 
  • No deaths 
  • No KOs / evacuations 

A Few Words at the End…

If you’re looking for all weapon completion and are still missing weapons after killing all aces, then you’re either missing boss kill drops (Vulcan, Crymaria, Nikola, Chiara) or Gallian/Federation rewards from killing leader units etc. I believe those rewards are random, and you can obtain them more easily by save/loading and trying your luck at purchasing rank1-rank5 weapons in the infirmary.

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