Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk – How to Create the Most Evasive Unit

Effectively, this is how you can create the most evasive unit in the game.

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Creating this Beast….

First step: If you do supply Icura with his items, ensure that you /do not/ take him up on his reward until everything is complete, maximizing his reward is the key to all this.

Alright, so with that out of the way, I hope you’re at least decent with training up your party, this’ll require you at least get access to the fifth floor of umbra on Alice’s side (the side with the twin knights) You’re also going to need to have unlocked both Gothic Capellia and Demon Reaper. You’re also going to want to get to the 8th floor of the middle tower and farm the succubi’ (the ones riding the swords) for the Charmer Pact.

Once you have all this, you’re going to start off with a Gothic Coppelia (clarity 4+ at start, so you can farm mana prisons here as well, for shining souls) (farming experience through metallings or other more ideal postgame means) and hit 99, so you can keep the Dismemberer skill.

This character will then reincarnate into Reaper, picking up Heroic Stance and Slippery. You’re still going to want to wait until 99 to reincarnate once more, the more levels you have stored, the more tedious it becomes and the more experience it takes to actually level up.

Once you’ve finished that up, it next needs to reincarnate into a Mad Raptor, to pick up Tenacious Speed and Fancy Footwork (99 required).

For your next reincarnation, it’s time for Shinobushi, you’ll be picking up Dual Blade Expert and Tenacious Fingers. (You can also pick up their other innate if you want to experiment with a bit more evasion)

And then, finally, it’s time to become a Theatrical Star. Now, you’re going to want to go Sun for this, with double sharp, for the highest amount of Charm you can get. This’ll be the whole getting used to it phase, as, at this point, this character will only have 80 clarity.


  • Heroic Stance (reaper) (increases crit chance by 50).
  • Tenacious Speed (raptor) (increases AGI, which in turn effects AVD and turn speed).
  • Dismemberer (gothic cappelia) (increases chance for critical gore, important for post game bosses (150k potential on postgame final boss).
  • Tenacious Fingers (shinobushi) (increases DEX, which in turn effects HIT and CRIT).
  • Fancy Footwork (raptor) (+50% atk for every attack avoided, caps at +500%).
  • Dual Blade Expert (shinobushi) (+50% chance to attack with both weapons held).
  • Slippery (reaper) (+20% avd).

You can experiment a bit beyond this, but I typically went with:

  • Cursed Chime (can be swapped with Forsaken Fortune if you want to run with despair luck) (forsaken fortune +35% avd if in despair).
  • Tenacious Charm (increases charm).
  • Anti-Donum Heresy (increases attack damage, for the cost of all donum cast from this unit increased by 25%).
  • Healing Chime (heals 3% per turn, 20% at the end of combat, can be swapped out).
  • Bell Master (can be removed if you choose to run Moon instead of Sun, but Sun also starts with more charm, keep in mind you can only make full use of dual blade master, if you have an S+ in that weapon type).

Important: When you reincarnate into Theatrical Star, ensure your nature is Pervert, the 250% aptitude on CHM is important.

Keep this in mind as you go in for your final reincarnation, for the moment you hit 99 on this theatrical star, it’s time to reincarnate into theatrical star one final time. This should bring you to 99 Soul Clarity. At this point, once you hit lvl 99 for the final time, You’ll then make sure this character talks to Icura (needs to be female). For my experience, at this point, I got a total of 2484 Charm from him, at the time rounding me up to 8755 charm with the gear I had.

Now the beauty of this build is, with two bells in hand you get a 50% chance to attack with both, as such, bells tend to carry Charm, and with the Charmer pact, if you place the TS in the center attacker slot, they will gain 50% of their charm as ATK, HIT, AVD, and DEF, which is all kinds of important, the description of the pact itself is wrong. In this way, nothing should be able to even remotely hit this unit, besides maybe the Mu (i refer to these as monkey chickens in the videos >.>; ) that you’ll find later, or the eye attack from Furfur, or even the postgame final boss (though I have been hit by the postgame hidden boss, she tends not to hit /too/ hard) Which… unfortunately makes it to where the whole game can be soloed with this unit.

Granted, I would also advise that you take up the support slots too, the Hit slot taken up by a Mad Raptor with the Tenacious Fingers skill from shinobushi (ensure high hit aptitude), AVD slot taken up by a Shinobushi with the tenacious speed skill from mad raptor (ensure high avd aptitude), and for the DEF slot, of course, a peer fortress, with high def aptitude, and the tenacious defense skill.

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit

This is just with her gear, no bubbly upgrades had been done, though, this is RIGHT after having used my icura buff for the extra 2484 CHM, this is also with her in the Charmer pact, center attack position.

Beyond that, make sure to enjoy the story, has to be one of my favorites from NIS.

Last thought, though, if you do want to go a cheaper route, you can always use the Bubbly method, and just pay 300k a pop per buff (though ensure that you are on your final reincarnation, as stats gained in this way are not retained, however, also ensure you have the best gear on the unit you want (and only have out the unit you want) before doing so, as the +10% boost is based upon current stats and not base, which is all kinds of useful, however, keep in mind, you cannot get CHM in this way:

  • The 5 girls within the ‘bubbly route’ give…
  • Biche STR (effecting ATK for all weapon types)
  • Gloria CON (giving both DEF and HP at high values)
  • Matilda DMP (giving both DMP and DP)
  • Barisa AGI (effects AVD and turn speed)
  • Chopelina DEX (effects HIT and Crit rate)

However the one chosen is, always, randomized. There is no limit on how many times you can visit, you just need to have 300k silver on hand.

Below, after I’d cleared the final postgame boss…

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - How to Create the Most Evasive Unit

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