The Council – Walkthrough (Episode #3)

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Episode Three

The Conclave

The quest starts with a confrontation. Most of the steps are easy aside from the last one. The only correct final answer is “finding my mother with one hand less” but mentioning your visions, if you have some blunders left, provides interesting insight into the storyline.

Winning the confrontation rewards you with the Guardian trait and +1 in Occultism.

After the cutscene, head to the conference room. Before you do anything else, talk to Péru and use Psychology to get more information out of him. Look around the room for items, then go talk to Mortimer.

Several linguistic skill checks will occur during the conference, as the guests will sometimes communicate between one another in a foreign language. To gain a better understanding of the scope of Mortimer’s plan, remind Godoy of the threat posed by the US and reflect on Mortimer’s maps when Piaggi brings up the Pope.

After the conference you are presented with a choice.

Leave with Holm

Following Holm gives you an opportunity to reveal Mortimer’s full plan to his adversaries. This earns you Holm’s trust.

Stay with Mortimer

This part is more straightforward. Just follow the conversation until you regain control of your character.

It’s now time to search other people’s rooms. Most of them are open, so be sure to check any room you haven’t visited before.

  • Read the letter from Holm in Wöllner’s room. The locked chest there can be opened with the word zinc.
  • Check the unfinished book in Napoleon’s room.
  • Enter Péru’s room and talk to him. Choose to stay silent and he’ll agree to talk to you. Mention that he’s afraid for others in order to keep the conversation going.

If you left with Holm, search Godoy’s room first for a painting and a letter, then search Washington’s room and keep the locked suitcase for last. Washington surprises you in his room, leading to a confrontation where you get an opportunity to blackmail the President of the United States. Winning nets you the Alliance Breaker trait and +1 in Politics.

If you stayed with Mortimer, search Washington’s room first and open the locked suitcase, then head to Godoy’s room. Get Wöllner out of the way, then search Godoy’s room for a small painting hiding a letter. Head to the dining room for a confrontation with the man himself. Winning nets you the Consul trait and +1 in Politics.

Make sure you have a couple of Carmelite waters and a Devil’s thorns before wrapping everything up. Once back to your room, you find out that you’ve managed to penetrate Emily’s armor, as well as the eyes of Manuel Godoy for another vision.

Shortly after the start of the second conference, you are prompted with a fairly obvious choice. Choosing to intervene leads to a confrontation with Péru– no blunders allowed. Winning the confrontation (Psychology, Conviction, then Etiquette) rewards you with the Savior trait and +1 in Psychology.

Face to Face

Depending on who you sided with and what happened, you can glean information from:

  • Mortimer (sided with Mortimer, saved Péru).
  • Bonaparte (sided with Mortimer).

Return to your room for a cutscene. Once you regain control of your character, go into Emily’s room, first by trying the door, then through the balcony connected to Napoleon’s room. Explore what you can of Emily’s bedroom, then approach Emily. You’ll have to tell the twins appart. After several questions and various skillchecks, you’ll need to make a choice.

Hint: check Emily and Emma’s profiles in your journal as the conversation progresses. The twins’ different personalities are also quite telling, if you’ve paid enough attention to Emily’s character.

Solution: Emily is in front of you, Emma is behind (and is the one you had sex with). The only way to tell the difference between the two is to make use of the journal and use skillchecks to test the twins for their respective immunities.

You gain the Profiler trait (Manipulation costs one less effort point) for killing Emily and the Profiler trait (Questioning costs one less effort point) for killing Emma.

After all is said and done, join your mother in the crypt.

The Trial of Faith

This quests introduces you to what is presumably the father of all locks. Fortunately, Sarah already knows which items you’ll need to open it, which you should know where to find if you’ve been observant enough during the previous episodes.

During your search, take the opportunity to search any guest room or location you haven’t investigated yet. Piaggi’s room, in particular, is now open.

  • The cross is located somewhere on the ground in the same room as the lock. 
  • The nails are in Mortimer’s secret study, beyond the nightmare. 
  • The Gutenberg Bible is the one Sarah and Emma used to communicate between Bible verses. Trying to Manipulate Washington will hit an immunity, but it’s probably better than telling the truth. 
  • The exegesis of Judas is located in the trophy room, behind the Medusa. 
  • The armillary sphere is located in Von Wöllner’s room.

Back into the crypt, your first step towards not losing any limb is placing the cross on the pedestal. The two bibles to the left, the armillary to the right, and the fresco above the lock will be your clues for the evening.

Start with the fresco for a few different skillchecks allowing you to identify a theme (crucifixion), then look for the corresponding chapter (XIX) and verse (17) in either one of the bibles. Place the nails accordingly, and move on to the next part of the puzzle.

If you placed the nails correctly, the iris will open entirely and three levers will appear in front of the cross, each turning one disc. Your goal now is to rotate the discs correctly. Observe the lock, mechanisms, and discs, for more hints and skillchecks. Finding the correct icon (the crown of thorns) is fairly obvious, even without clearing the related skillchecks. The date (March 26th) can be found in the bible and translated using the notes. The armillary sphere can be use to find the position of the moon (first quarter).

You then need to rotate the disc so that the icon, date, and moon all align with the nails. The crown of thorns aligned with Golgotha, 8A aligned with Bethlehem (closest town to the nail in XIX), and the first quarter aligned with Bethesda (closest town to the nail in 17). Congratulations, you still (hopefully) have two hands.

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