The Council – Chests, Doors and Key Locations

List of Chests, Doors and Key Locations


The sections of this guide are divided by where the unlockable object (chest or door) is located. The keys for that object are listed underneath them, and labeled on what floor they are located based off the in-game map.

Exterior Locations

  • Gate on the Wharf
    • Key in Mother’s Stash, under floor boards (Exterior)

First Floor Locations

  • Triple Circle Chest in Dining Hall/Red Salon
    • Key in Piaggi’s Room on chimney (Second Floor)
  • Five Circles Chest in Small Salon sideboard
    • Key in Elizabeth’s Room (Second Floor)
  • Earth Chest in Service Stairs
    • Left Key in the Garden maze on a bench next to the gazebo (First Floor)
    • Right Key in the Dining Hall/Red Salon in the small hallway leading to the Library (First Floor)
  • Water chest in Great Conclave Chamber
    • Left key in Mortimer’s Office (Third Floor)
    • Right Key in the Fire Chest (Third Floor, Mortimer’s Secret Office)

Second Floor Locations

  • Emily’s door in Chapter 2
    • Service key in one of the dressers (Second Floor, Emily’s Room)
  • Travel Kabinet in Washington’s sitting room
    • Small key in Washington’s Bedroom on chimney. (Second Floor, Washington’s Room)
  • Half circle chest in Elizabeth’s room
    • Key in the food area in north west, but not initially (Second Floor, Hallway)
  • Circle Chest in De Richet’s sitting room
    • Key in your bedroom (Second Floor, De Richet’s Room)
  • Four Circles Chest in Jaques Peru’s Room
    • Key in bedroom (Second Floor, Peru’s Room)
  • Two Coils Chest in Emily’s Room
    • (Undiscovered)
  • Air Chest in Tower Room on the chimney
    • Left Key in the Crypt Entrance, in the round area on the floor (Underground)
    • Right Key in Godoy’s room on piano (Second Floor, Godoy’s Room)
  • Four Letter Chest in Von Wollner’s Room
    • The four letter code: ZINC

Third Floor Locations

  • Fire Chest in Mortimer’s Secret Office
    • Left Key next to the box (Third Floor)
    • Right key (Undiscovered)
  • Four Letter Chest in Mortimer’s Office
    • The four letter code: ZEUS

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