The Council – Walkthrough (Episode #2)

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Episode Two

Where is My Mother?

Episode 2 starts in Mortimer’s study, regardless of the choices you made before.

Make sure to examine the massive painting behind Mortimer’s desk as soon as you can.

  • If you agreed to drink with Adams and told her to escape, you will have to prove your innocence during a confrontation with Mortimer. Although Holm is the one doing most of the asking, don’t get distracted. The confrontation is still exclusively between you and Mortimer, and is fairly simple to navigate. 
  • If you chose to follow Emily to your room, Mortimer will ask you to find out who killed Elizabeth. Make sure to check all the rooms and speak to all the guests.

  • Proving your innocence rewards you with the Lawyer trait and +1 in Conviction. 
  • Finding all the clues about Adam’s murder and telling Mortimer you have no culprit yet rewards you with the Vidocq trait and +1 in Vigilance.

Eugène-François Vidocq was a talented police inspector and France’s first private detective.

Mortimer then talks to you about your mother, and you end up in the hallway in front of his study. Head to the tower room, and get ready for the game’s first real puzzle.

  • Examine the fireplace for your first clue.
  • Look on the floor next to the window for an item.

Unlock the door and proceed to the next room, where the real fun starts. Note that you can access a list of relevant clues at any point by using the right mouse button. If you specialized in occultism or detective skills (or if, unlike me, you are at least cuturally christian), you’re in luck. Solving this puzzles requires you to navigate a series of clues in order to find messages exchanged in the new testament between your mother and her accomplice.

First Message

  • Examine the painting with a sword. It depicts Paul, mentions pilgrims from Rome, and has the number 11 underlined twice.
  • Go to the new testament and read epistles of Paul 1/2 > epistle to romans > chaper 11 verse 11 (number 11, twice).

Second Message

  • Examine the painting depicting a beardless man for a new clue.
  • The prophecy mentionned in the clue refers to the book of revelations. The numbers should be added to the previous chapter and verse numbers to find the correct verse to read.
  • Read revelations to John, chapter 12 verse 14. 

Third Message

  • Examine the painting with the angel.
  • “The first city of Corinth” refers to epistle to the Corinthians I.
  • “Half of each group” indicates the previous numbers should be divided in half in order to find the correct verse.
  • Read epistles of Paul 1/2 > epistle to the Corinthians I > chapter 6 verse 7. 

Fourth Message

  • Examine the painting hung above the chest of drawers, then its surroundings.
  • The message in hebrew refers both to another clue and to epistle to the Hebrews.
  • The Number 8, combined with the clue in the third message, indicate the correct verse.
  • Read epistles of Paul 2/2 > epistle to the Hebrews > chapter 6 verse 8. 

Fifth Message

  • Go back to the first room and examine the painting there.
  • “When Paul understood only the acts counted” refers to acts of the apostles.
  • Read acts of the apostles > chapter 10 verse 8.

Finding your mother’s messages unlocks the Theologian trait and +1 in Occultism.

The meaning of the last message should be pretty obvious if you’ve followed the guide for this chapter. It’s literal and an object, and has a particularly difficult Vigilance skillcheck associated to it.

The Nightmare

Head downstairs. Here, you must choose whether or not you want to give information to Emily about her sister, show her the messages, and tell her about your vision. Emily already knows about what happened in your vision, so there’s no point in hiding that. Telling her unlocks the Honest trait and +1 in Logic.

Once in the small salon, you learn that Louis XVI, king of France, died at the hands of the revolutionary tribunal.

This doesn’t upset Napoleon much, for obvious historical reasons. Piaggi, however, is understandably upset. French kings are said to be kings by divine right, and France was, historically, nicknamed the eldest daughter of the church– until the secular politics brought by the revolution, that is.

You then enter a confrontation with Wöllner. You’re not allowed any mistake here, and it’s imperative you at least to some degree pretend to know about his business deal with your mother, in order to keep the conversation going. Use a Devil’s Thorn if necessary. Manipulation and Psychology aren’t any of Wöllner’s vulnerabilities, but they are safe choices.

Wöllner is working for Holm. There isn’t any way to figure that out other than pure guesswork.

Once you’re done exploring the place, head to Mortimer’s study through the north staircase on the second floor. There you will find the nightmare. Or more specifically, a depiction of sleep paralysis.

Before following Sarah beyond the nightmare, take some time to explore the room.

  • Mortimer’s genealogy contains general storyline hints. 
  • The chest with a 4 letter combination can be opened with the word Zeus.
  • The bird can be bribed to speak about Sarah using berries, and / or poisonned using chocolate. 

The combination needed to go beyond the nightmare can be found on either of the paintings behind the bird cage. You can also examine the lever under the painting for further skillcheck hints. The combination is 1191.

Make sure you explore Mortimer’s study and secret room as thoroughly as possible.

  • Examine the nails.
  • Examine the geopolitical maps.
  • Examine a book for the Shepherd trait and +1 in Manipulation.

Once you’re ready to leave, pick up the sword stuck in the globe and go back to the 4 digits code. It’s the same mechanism as the one on the other side: all you have to do here is rotate the cylinders so the correct combination appears on the other side of the wall. The combination is 6466. Note that since all the numbers are upside down on this side of the wall, a 6 will look like a 9. Leaving the secret room gives you the Master of escape trait and +1 in Subterfuge.

Note: I still have no idea how to meet Péru in this chapter.

The Maze

As you get out of Mortimer’s study, you’re given a choice between directly going to search for your mother or spying on Piaggi and Wöllner. Evesdropping gives you the Snooper trait and +1 in Subterfuge.

As you might have guessed, the sword picked up beyond the nightmare comes from the manor’s garden. Head to the gallery and proceed to the garden.

Observe Ariadne’s statue for a couple skillchecks. Like in the myth, her thread will guide you through the labyrinth.

Péru is nearby, and you can talk to him to get additional information about his situation as well as earn his trust.

Look around the maze for hints and consummables. Once you’re ready to go, thrust your sword in the heart of Minos and proceed down to the crypt.

You get the Analytical trait and +1 in Logic for solving the maze puzzle on your first try.

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