Meadow – Musical Bath Achievement Guide

Complete guide to the new hidden achievement!

Getting There

This is a new hidden achievement that was added in the latest update along with the new biome. Not many people get this and i think i just figured out how it works…

Meadow - Musical Bath Achievement Guide

Get in the water, now dont get out, a soundtrack should start playing.

If you get out of the water the song will stop. Thats why its called Musical Bath.
As long as you stay in the water, it will keep on playing.

If you got out of the water by accident or something, just get back and it should start playing again soon.

The track should be on repeat. This might depend on music settings though, I havent tested it.
If you go to settings and Audio settings there should be Music frequency. Set that to often if youre unsure.

The track is about 3-4 Minutes long. Its actually rlly pretty so i recommend trying to get this achievement.

The achievement isnt broken, the tricky part is that you must stay in the water. I honestly thought its just a 40 second melody that goes on when you move around in this biome because i kept going in and out of water. If you stay in the water it plays on for longer.

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