Call of Cthulhu – Endings Save File

Call of Cthulhu Endings Save File.


Here’s a save file I made for anyone having trouble unlocking all of this game’s endings. Currently I’ve only unlocked three (Sacrifice, Counter-ritual, and the default) but I might play through it once more to get the one I’m missing. The following choices were made to get where I’m at right now in the save:

  • Never drank any alcohol.
  • Accept bradley’s help.
  • Told bradley the truth.
  • Read all unholy books.
  • Choose R’lyeh dialogue whenever possible.
  • Accept drake’s help.
  • Save drake.
  • Accept leviathon’s knowledge, submit option when talking to him, drink the medicine, and don’t eat the flesh.
  • Give medkit to cat.
  • Killed fuller.
  • Kill bradley.

I’m not sure which of those are required and which aren’t but I can tell you I did not have 100% occult. I’m creating this guide for anyone experiencing corrupt/missing save files, mistakes made through one of the key choices in the game or just to save time and watch all of the endings except for the “It’s Over” one.

The save files are in a hidden folder titled “appdata” under your username directory. Mine looks like this: C:>Users>YourUserName>AppData>Local>CallOfCthulhu>Saved>SaveGames

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