Infliction – Bright Light, Bright Light Achievement Guide

A visual guide for unlocking the “Bright Light, Bright Light” achievement in Caustic Reality’s “Infliction.” As is the nature with all guides, this contains some slight spoilers. I have done my best to keep them as vague as possible.

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Bright Light, Bright Light Achievement

Hey guys! Nikki here with a few tips on how to unlock the “Bright Light, Bright Light” achievement in Caustic Reality’s Infliction!

A few things to know before we get started!

You’ll know you’re in the 1980s if you find one of Sarah’s journals that is dated 1986. If you don’t find the journal, you’ll also notice a few wall calendars hanging up through the house so you can familiarize yourself with the timeline. Keep close tabs on this; the achievement will not unlock in any other timeframe.

You may not have noticed, but whenever you wake up, it’s 3:41am. The entity won’t spawn in the house until 3:45am. This gives you 4 minutes real-time to freely explore the house without consequence.

When you wake up in 1986, move through the house and test all the light switches. Note which ones work and which do not. Do not leave them on. Turn them off before walking away. The goal will be to switch on the light and unexpectedly catch her under it to “banish” her, but you can’t surprise her if she knows the light works.

I chose a location between the downstairs hallway and the kitchen. There’s a doorway with a light switch on either side. The one on the right turns on the kitchen light, and the one of the left turns on the hallway light. In my mind, I liked that best because I could catch her easily from either direction.

When the game hits 3:45am, you may notice the crackling of the radio begin. I found that she spawned upstairs above me while I was waiting for her to find me downstairs. So don’t be too alarmed by this crackling.

Because the enemy randomly spawns and moves through the house, you might need to give her an opportunity to find you. This means there might be a bit of waiting as you set up to trap her.

The light of your flashlight isn’t enough to see everything down the hallway, so you have to use the audio clue of your heartbeat suddenly starting to race, indicating the moment she sees you, and the small visual clue of a VHS-style or camcorder glitch that indicates that she’s locked onto you. You might not be able to see her racing down the hall at you, but using these small clues, you’ll know when to flip the switch.

As it comes down to timing, you might need to try a few times, to catch her off-guard in the right place. The great part is, you’ll wake up in a predictable area and have a whole four minutes to get ready again.

Written by GameWithNikki

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