This War of Mine – 100% Achievement Guide (The Last Broadcast DLC)

A quick guide, for the all achievments, which came with The Last Broadcast DLC.

Quick Advice

You need at least 2x game-sessions, for unlocking all achievments in this episode.
So I suggest to run for: “You are a Liar” + “Remorse” and “Truthful” + “Heir” in separate sessions.

Note: Malik on Duty

Just make sure, that you use&listen your broadcast system every day and post every news. The achievment should pop-up, before Malik gets killed or joins the rebells. Also, visit every location and room, to get sure, that you wont miss anything. There are several events, which can be mentioned via broadcast like for example the imprisoned guys or the dude, who fell in a hole, and isnt able to get out again.

Diary: You are a Liar

There are “3” situations in this episode, where you have to decide, if you tell Malik the truth or not. Just lie to him twice, and the achievment is yours.

Diary: Truthful

Do the opposite as in the “You are a liar”-achievment. You have to be honest twice a time, before this achievment is yours.

Epilogue: Heir

I would suggest, to aim for this, when you run for the “Truthful”-achievment. After Malik gets killed, get sure that you visit the “Bar”, to loot the remaining radio-parts. Back at home, fix the broadcast-system, and this achievment is yours.

Epilogue: Remorse

  • So this one is a little more tricky. I would suggest, to aim for this achievment, when you run for the “You are a liar” Achievment. 
  • So keep on lying to Malik, and he will leave you, to join the rebells. Your broadcast system gets destroyed by them, too. 
  • So keep on playing, until Franko visits you (the salesman), and ask him about radio-parts. 
  • He will give you the remaining parts to repair your radio, but you have to do him a favor. 
  • You have to get him a foto-album, which you will find in the new unvisited place, on your map. 
  • Get sure to craft a weapon/gun and dont go unprotected in there. You have to kill 2 enemies, before you find the foto-album in the upper floors. 
  • Take it back home and wait for Franko to appear again (2-3 days interval). 
  • Hand him his foto-album and repair your broadcast-system, and the achievment is yours. 

Note: He is Back Home

Quite easy to achieve. After Malik gets killed or leaves you, Adem (your son), gets back home. That should simply unlock this achievment.

Note: Roll-up Master

Also very easy to achieve. You have to craft 100x cigarettes. I suggest to produce the “rolled-up”-ones, cause they dont cost much components. You already have a herb-workshop build in your basement, so there is no need to craft one.

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