The Wild Eight – Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide

  • Gather 30 wood and 20 ore before anything else.
  • Craft a workshop and your shelter right beside the planes fire for warmth during blizzards. 
  • Use the leftover wood and ore to craft a stone pickaxe & axe. 
  • Do not craft a stick. It is a waste of wood. Your pickaxe & axe do the same amount of damage. 
  • Craft throwing rocks. They are very important and can be used throughout the whole game. 
  • Find a deer to hunt. Run up to the deer then hit it with your weapon once. Throw a rock at the deer to stun it, then hit the deer two more times. Let the deer run off of your screen. Once the deer is off your screen it will stop moving. Chase after the deer again and repeat until it is dead. This will allow you to hit the deer 3 times per screen, which will result in a quick death for the deer. 
  • Simple but helpful. Your shelter allows you to store items. The more you upgrade it the more items you can place in it. Most people do not notice this when first playing. 
  • Always stay moving. Even if you’re cooking lots of food. Run around the fire in circles to level up your mobility. 
  • Upgrade to bone extraction as soon as you can. Once you get your first bone craft a sharpened bone. You will now do much more damage which will make hunting really easy. 
  • Once you get your second bone make sure you craft a carving knife. This will double the drops of vital items on anything you kill. 
  • Use your inventory space wisely. Eat the candy bar before eating your stack of 4 meat. This will free up a slot for more items. 
  • You can use this tree next to the plane you spawn at to kill yourself over and over again for unlimited candy bars. Run up the tree and fall off, you will drop the candy bar. 
The Wild Eight - Ultimate Guide
  • If you start a fire and are cooking meat and the fire goes out, don’t waste more wood on the fire. Food will continue to cook and fly off of the fire even though its already out. 
  • You should hunt deer in the day and boar/wolfs at night. Hunting boar or wolfs at night allows you to kite them back to your camp keeping you safe from blizzards at night time. 
  • Don’t bother with mushrooms, they are not worth the effort to cook. Berries are fine if you can click them and use them without stopping. 
  • Once you get extra food and items you can build a stash next to the spawn plane. If you ever die you can use the items in the stash to your advantage allowing you to easily recover your items from when you’ve died. 
  • You can continue to cut wood or mine ore while eating without stopping for the eat animation. Select the food you want with your number keys then press F. You won’t have to wait for the eating animation before continuing to gather resources this way. 
  • While building your shelter, workshop or chest; make use of your map by pressing M. You can’t really do much while building, so you may aswell make use of the map. 
  • A really easy way to kill the Werewolf later on in the game is with 4 advanced traps. Set them up in a line then agro it and stand behind them. Note that you may need to stun the Werewolf with one rock right after he runs into the last trap then just hit him once with the Mechete you find right before him. 
  • Iron equipment isn’t very good for the amount of effort required to create it. You’re better off using the unique items you’ll find by doing quests. Unique items are much better and take less time to acquire.
  • As you upgrade your shelter, workshop and various other things, you will notice you can actually gain warmth even during a blizzard by being in one of your buildings without having a fire around.
  • You can drag food on fires and many other things alike from across your screen. This will save lots of time.
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  1. This page needs an update for the current version lol.
    – Food rots, so unless you’re using cans/MRE’s you can’t store it at the plane.
    – Hunting boar takes more effort than wolves.(They seem to have more HP)
    – You can dodge damage if you use a spear and use the maximum extent of it’s length whilst backpedalling
    – Diamonds are everyones friend. You can equip it to free up a slot you’d otherwise waste on batteries for the flashlight or for a torch
    – If you’re going to hunt deer, do it from behind, they have a blind spot. This has been pointed out by a dev.
    – A bow and bone arrows can carry you through the entire game if you know how to kite and have decent spatial awareness. (Seriously, skip the stones, they’re a wasted slot)
    – If you use a bow and arrow, learn to make use of Farsight when needed.
    – Some characters have boosted variants of crafted items, in multiplayer, let them make their relevant items (ie. medical items on Anna)
    – Learn to check your gear so you can catch it just before it breaks. that way you can make the upgraded version of it which restores it’s durability (ie. iron armour to iron and fur)

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