Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Glyph Functions

Basic guide to Necron Glyphs. An interesting note is if you select a beneficial glpyh enough times, it will glow green. Reminding you it is beneficial.

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Standard Template Construct

These glyphs give you new STC templates. If no more STCs are possible in the mission, then these give CP or blackstone:

Bonus Blackstone

These glyphs give you additional blackstone:

Bonus Cognition Points

These glyphs give you additional cognition points:

Heal One Unit

These glyphs heal one of your cohorts:

Heal All Units

These glyphs heal all of your cohorts, but only half of what the one unit heal glyphs do:

Lower Necron Intative

This glyph lowers necron initative:

Awaken Necrons

These glyphs increase the awakened rating during the mission:

Remove Cognition Points

These glyphs take away your cognition points:

Damage Unit

These glyphs damage one of your units:

Increase Necron Initative

This glyph increases necron initative:

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