Thief Simulator – Faberge Egg Replicas

A Guide on how to get all the Faberge Egg Replicas.

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The Eggs

208 – The Adams

At 208 there is a Faberge Egg Replica in the garage, On the shelf, This house has a lot of security.

208 – Again?

Yes there is another one in 208, in a glass cabinet to the right of the painting for the last mission.

207 – The Fosters

At 207 there is a Faberge Egg Replica in the second floor bed/living room, The room with the door to the climbable balcony and from the stairs you go to the left and then immediately a right to the door, This house is a bit tricky to get into just like the last one.

207 – Again

The fourth faberge egg replica is located in 207, behind the stairs in the kitchen, in the corner of the counter is where the egg is located.

205 – The Torres

House 205 has a Faberge Egg replica in an upstairs office, Same room as the antique book, again, high security.

Those are all the eggs

Yup, all the eggs, sell them on blackbay now.

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