ATOM RPG – 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to 100% achievements in ATOM.

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Achievement List

All credit goes to Sisyphus!

  • Glory to the pioneers! Start the game up and the achievement should pop. 
  • Savant: Dump all of your stats at character creation to 1 except for intelligence, which you set to 11. 
  • One Hit Wonder: Pretty self-explanatory, kill an enemy with a single melee attack. 
  • One shot, one kill: As above, but this time with a single ranged attack. 
  • Off with their heads: Burst weapons and end game guns are sufficiently powerful that they can regularly decapitate foes. I triggered this with one triple barrel shotgun blast decapping a couple blyads. 
  • Wanderer: See Explorer. 
  • Traveler: See Explorer. 
  • Explorer: The first of these exploration achievements popped early on, but the next two were slower. Not all areas seem to count equally, even if they show on the map, but they will all pop eventually. 
  • Grave robber: In the first city, Ostradnoye, you can get a shovel near old man Semyon who wants some help picking his corn. Use this to dig up some graves outside the gates. When I reloaded a save and dug up the graves again, I got the achievement faster. 
  • Bustin nuts: In Ostradnoye, you can find an abandoned building on the southeast side. If you turn on a light switch, you will see a passage underneath a bed. If you go down there you will find a more powerful rat that you have to defeat. If you do, you can give the nutcracker his sword back and in return get a golden nut worth 300 roubles. 
  • Wishmaster: Get a fisherman on the northwest side a bottle of vodka (only available during the day time) to learn the Entomologist perk. After that, you can skin enemies in the first area such as ants and wasps to get bait. You can then fish in the lake, with a very small chance of getting a rare golden fish. Having 10 luck is very advisable, otherwise you will be there a while. The fish will grant you an increase in one of your stats. 
  • Kraina Grzybow: This achievement is simply for picking mushrooms, about 40-50 or so. Fortunately, these respawn, so just make sure to pick them again each time you visit a map. There is a quest that requires you to collect 5 and another to collect 50. 
  • Sacrifice: In the Roaring Forest area, you will find a wooden totem on the far side of the map on a path leading away from an old couple, including the Old Man Valery. Drop 3 raw meat in the circle and dark gods will bestow upon you a luck bonus. 
  • Indy: You will need 2 ropes for this achievement. One for getting down into the underground area of the Roaring Forest, another to cross a gap. On a lefthand path avoiding all enemies, you can find a stalagmite that you can form a rope bridge to cross to the other side. You need at least 35 throwing skill for this to work. 
  • Superhuman: In the underground area of the Roaring Forest, if you follow a blood trail on the lefthand path, it will lead you to a frightening monster. If you have a powerful gun with enough ammo, killing this monster will yield a serum to increase one of your stats. 
  • Neanderthal: In the underground area of the Roaring Forest you can find a stone tool. If you combine it with a sharpening stone and electrical wire, you’ll get the achievement for crafting a stone knife. 
  • Cheeki Breeki: Here it is. This one involves assaulting caravans and robbing all of their stuff, naturally. This kind of behaviour is met with swift and vicious retribution in terms of a particular random encounter, if you are unlucky, so be warned. 
  • Love Guru: Romance any two characters. For this you’ll need a high personality to make a good impression on people. 
  • Expert: This one involves some pretty substantial grind on the second highest difficulty. If you’re up for that, all power to you. As for me, I wasn’t keen on replaying the game entirely just for the sake of two achievements. I used the power of the dev console (numpad 0 + numpad *), entered youshallnotpass then AddLevel 1 to hit the right level. If this is against your morality, keep it to yourself. 
  • 27 Club: This one is particularly sadistic, or masochistic, depending on your point of view. Get a character all the way up to level 27 exactly on survival mode then kill them off. Same method as above.
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