Sniper Elite 4 – A Guide to Overwatch on Railyard

Essential tips for Sniper Elite 4’s unique Overwatch mode and a handy guide to the Railyard map!


Overwatch is probably one of our favourite modes here at Rebellion and one of the series’ most underrated, so we wanted players new and old to experience it in Sniper Elite 4 too!

What makes Overwatch different to the campaign co-op and Survival mode is that it features asymmetrical gameplay designed specifically for two players, each taking on a specialised class that has it’s own strengths and weaknesses to complete a unique mission. It places a greater emphasis on teamwork than perhaps any other mode in the game and makes it especially satisfying to play with a trusted comrade!

A player can be either a Sniper; equipped with a Sniper rifle, Pistol, and limited traps/equipment, or an Operative: wielding a sub-weapon of their choice, pistol, binoculars, and a wider variety of equipment.

Whether you’re new to Overwatch or a series veteran, here are some essential tips, and a handy guide to the Railyard map!

Getting Started

Before starting a game of Overwatch, the two players choose which role they wish to play. Both players cannot have the same role and one has to fill each position.

The sniper’s role in a game of Overwatch is to – you’ve guessed it! – watch over the Operative and keep them safe from a distance. They wield a sniper rifle, allowing them to eliminate most standard threats with one or two shots and the ability to see a wider view of the level.

The Operative fulfils multiple roles. They act as a close combat specialist, remote spotter, and a decoy for the Sniper. Operatives do not have access to Rifles of any kind, limiting them to mid-close range encounters. Operatives have special abilities that the Sniper does not, giving them a more unique feel. The Operative is equipped with a pair of binoculars, allowing them to call out targets for their partner using the tagging mechanic.


Sniper Elite 4 - A Guide to Overwatch on Railyard

The primary mission in Railyard is fairly straightforward. Locate both the transmitter for a wireless prototype version of the Goliath tracked mine and the technical specifications for it. You’ll also need to cover up the theft by destroying the train that is carrying the Goliath and then escape the area safely.

Sounds easy enough right? Well unfortunately the intel given to our heroes only states that the Goliaths are on a train in the area, and there are multiple trains! Factor in the large number of enemies and some sneaky optional objectives and things may look pretty daunting…

Here are 5 Tips to Help You in Your Task!

1) Locating the Manifest

The location of the Goliaths is random. You’ll always find them on one of the carriages attached to one of the 3 trains waiting to leave the area, but searching all of them is a fairly big task. Thankfully Karl can locate a shipping manifest as one of the optional objectives and this will isolate the exact train you’re looking for – however you’ll still need to locate the carriage.

Sniper Elite 4 - A Guide to Overwatch on Railyard

2) Scan those carriages

The Operative’s binoculars come in very handy when looking for the Goliaths. If he tags the carriages he can find out what type of cargo they’re carrying without having to open them up, and while the enemy wouldn’t be so foolish as to label a carriage as “GOLIATH TRACKED MINES” they would at the very least have to mark it as a munitions carriage. So if you single out a train and then find it only has one munitions carriage then it has to be your target.

3) Munitions, Munitions, Munitions

If a train carriage is marked as munitions it may or may not contain the Goliaths you seek. If not, don’t worry – your search won’t have been for naught. Any normal munitions carriage will be home to a small collection of weapons and ammo for The Operative to use at his discretion.

Sniper Elite 4 - A Guide to Overwatch on Railyard

4) Papers Please

Once you’ve completed the mission you’ll see an interesting challenge: Recover the Colonel’s identification papers without raising any form of alarm in his HQ or it’s grounds. There are plenty of ways to do this but my favourite has always been to get the Operative to sneak in through one of the south windows to the building. If Karl pays attention to the Colonel’s movement’s he’ll notice that for a brief moment the unsuspecting officer will position himself in such a way that a well placed bullet to the head would continue on through a window behind him and guarantee no ricochet or bullet impact would be heard. By doing this the Operative can potentially get in, recover the Colonel’s papers and get out of the grounds without killing a single soldier.

5) Bit of a long shot…

I wont tell you exactly where to look if you’re gunning for the longest shot in the level, but try thinking about enemy positions early in the game and taking those threats out later rather than sooner…

Sniper Elite 4 - A Guide to Overwatch on Railyard

Written by Rebellion.

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