Sniper Elite 4 – Easy Aiming Guide

Easy to understand guide to aiming, featuring the M1903 Springfield rifle and T-Post Tactical reticle.

Easy Aiming Guide (M1903 Springfield)

This guide is specifically for use with a FULLY UPGRADED Springfield rifle on Authentic and Authentic + difficulties.

General information regarding wind calculations for other rifles is also included and is displayed in yellow.

Discovering Bullet Drop

The easiest method to discover drop using any rifle is to switch to Marksman (Normal) difficulty and enable the Aim Assist diamond via Game Tab in the options menu.

Once enabled. Proceed to any mission and select a target.

Alter your distance to the target, until the Aim Diamond rests on one of the range bars shown on the reticle. Take note of the range and rinse/repeat to your satisfaction.


  • At long ranges, aiming for body shots will yield better results than aiming for head shots.
  • Tool boxes and barrels are large and are also relatively easy to hit from a distance, due to their bulk.
  • Use the binoculars regularly. Not only to gather your targets range but to see exactly where he is within his surroundings – this can be especially useful if he’s crouched and/or when using a x4 scope.
  • If your target is moving, position your cross hair ahead of his direction of travel and allow him to walk into the shot, rather than trying to track him with the scope.
  • Be aware of areas where wind is likely to gust unexpectedly. Unless the wind isn’t given to change, it’s always a good idea to review its strength before taking a shot.
  • Take your time – knowing when not to shoot is just as important as knowing when to shoot. This is especially important if you wish to remain undetected.

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