Moonlighter – Weapons and Armor Guide

Seems you decided to click on this guide, can’t blame you since most of the guides 99% of the time are loot prices, its best someone who has knowledge of how the weapons work to give this guide to you! so read along Im going to be explaining the basics of weapons and there attack styles as well the armor! please note none of the stuff of new game plus will be mentioned here, so with all that out of the way let’s begin!

The Basics

All credit goes to Pirate Lord Omega!

These are all the well known stuff about the weapons so well known they are shown in the tutoral the same area you use your first weapon the broom.

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The basic of attacking are as follows: pressing the J key on your keyboard will give you a regular attack, you can press the j key again to do another, pressing j again will also give you a regular this one being a finisher attack telling you finished a combo of attacks.

Pressing the K key however will give you a charge attack, each charge attacks are different for each weapon type.

There are also status effects this play an important role of giving you the upper hand or making you fall to your knees since some of your monsters also have them in your attacks so let’s cover them too!

Stun: Stun is simple it makes you stay still for a little bit, stars appear of the head along with swirls to notify the effect, it shows up in the golem dungeon aka the first dungeon you can travel in.

Poison: Poison is poison you take damage overtime, green bubbles show when in effect, its most commonly used in forest.

Blaze: Blaze is basicly the fire version of poison but it is deals more damage and lasts a little bit longer, the effect shows little fires on the character and it is introduced and used in the desert dungeon! (what you expect it be used in a lava dungeon or something fire based?)

Zap: Zap is fire and poison except you take damage nonstop, it is shown through electricy sparks on the character, it is introduced and used in the tech dungeon.

Freeze: Freeze is a fake effect that was put into this guide as a joke because this game simply needs more dungeons.

The Broom

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The Broom is the first weapon you unlock in the game and if you lose it, sad news buddy you lost it for good ye cant buy yourself a new one at the moment but maybe in future updates you can reclaim the broom through crafting!

Anyways the broom attacks are pokes meaning they are strictly in front of you, the charge move this well a running thrust ending with a hard hitting poke!

The brooms attack speed is neutral.

there is one important thing about the broom though if beat every boss and you happen to have the broom with you, you get the janitor Achievement!

So if you really want to show the world not to mess with you use this item! it may be a weak one but hey its fun!

The only reason you should use this item is to meme or to get the achievement.

The Short Sword

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

Good ol short sword, this is also the first weapon you use aside the broom.

This weapon can be crafted!

The short sword regular attack are small swings of the blade the may not reach far but they will do, the short sword does not have a charge attack however instead it has the oh so helpful shield! which will block attacks for you, you are also able to move while doing this a little slower than your regular speed though.

The short sword has a neutral attack speed so its easy to use and always handy for new players!

Why you should use this weapon?: If you like to make the game simple for yourself use this weapon.

The Big Sword

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The Big sword is a hard hitting weapon do to hits size and damage!

This weapon is craftable!

Strandard attack is a big swing of the blade, charge attack is an even bigger swing that goes around your character! plus your unable to be damaged when doing the charge attack!

The big sword is great if you want to bring the pain train but oh boy is it slow seriously its the slowest weapon in the game!? Plus it decreases your speed by 10! so if your willing to be slow to be the most damaging in the game go for it.

Reason to use this weapon?: to deal a truck load of damage.

The Spear

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The spear is the weapon you want to use if you like the brooms attack style seriously the spear and the broom are the same thing, whats different is thats its craftable so you can sell it and always make a new one!

It can give you a speed boost too!

Reason you should you this weapon: if you like the brooms attack style use the spear!

The Gloves

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The gloves are a great way to punch your enemy’s into submission!

It is craftable!

Regular attack is a punch and charge attack is a charging punch!The gloves attack speed is fast! Faster than any other weapon in fact!Reason you should use this weapon?: pure offense!

The Bow

Moonlighter - Weapons and Armor Guide

The only ranged weapon in the game so if you were expecting this weapon to be bad don’t, it is actually pretty handy.

Regular is a basic arrow shot, Charge brings a arrow that has gravity but can hurt multiple foes!
Neutral attack speed!
Reason to use this weapon?: If you want to keep your distance from your foes use this weapon!


Going through a dungeon is dangerous without armor! so its best to craft it!

There are three types of armor fabric, iron, and steel:

  • Fabric: Fabric is the fastest armor of the bunch but has the lowest hp, use it if you know really well how to dodge correctly with taking damage! 
  • Iron: Iron is the neutral of the armors, its not to fast but not to slow, its heath at a healthy medium, use this armor if you need help getting use to the game! 
  • Steel: Steel hast the most HP of the armors but is the also the slowest, use this one if you want to the tankest of the bunch! 


The section doesn’t really have a point but I am going to put in a bunch of weapon combos you can use in the game! Please note most of the combo names are jokes please don’t take them seriously.

  • Broom + Any other weapon type: janitor run. 
  • Gloves + Bow: offense with a hint of range. 
  • Big sword + Short sword: sword loyalist. 
  • Spear + Gloves: pokes n punches. 
  • Short sword + Gloves: pain to the face, but not yours. 
  • Gloves + Big sword: extreme offense. 
  • Short Sword + Bow: defensive. 
  • Big sword + Spear: faster than normal. 
  • Big sword + Bow: heavy hitting close but can hit you far!
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