Dead Cells – All Weapon, Skill, Mutation and Rune Blueprint (Alpha 1.2)

A comprehensive guide on how to obtain all new blueprints from alpha 1.2
And a showcase of all their moveset and ability (and who drops them and on what difficulties).

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All Weapon, Skill, Mutation and Rune Blueprint

All weapon, skill, mutation and run obtainable before 5 Cell.

  • Great Owl of War 1Cell Knife thrower.
  • Giantkiller 0Cell The Giant.
  • Giantkiller 0Cell The Giant.
  • Sismic Strike 2Cell Bomber.
  • Temporal Distortion 4Cell Failed experiment.
  • Magic missiles 3Cell Arbiter.
  • The Boy’s Axe 0Cell Ground shaker.
  • Shrapnel Axes 0Cell Demon.
  • War Javelin 0Cell Secret area in the Cavern.
  • Flawless 0Cell Slammer.
  • Berserker 0Cell Zombie.
  • Rune de Personnalisation 0Cell after you beat The Giant and restart game at the first miniboss in The Ramparts.

All weapon, skill, mutation and run obtainable in 5 Cell.

  • Hemorrhage.
  • Sonic crossbow.
  • Thunder shield.

Just to clarify as i was messing around trying to find a route for speedrun purposes and to explore the area i was using a mod that let you choose where to start your run, and after i cleared the biome, i was able to talk to the collector before entering the biome for the last boss… so my guess would be that the mod messed up a part of the game letting me deposit blueprints (name of the mod “speedrunning trainer” for normal game, “more easy boss get” is the updated version for the alpha branch).

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