Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland – Day 3 Perfect Storm (Walkthrough)

This guide is about surviving the Storm event on Day 3 on Don’t Escape: 4 Days in a Wasteland (obviously).

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Guide Materials

So you likely came here to get an achievement and 5 extra carrying capacity. This guide is probably for you. I’m probably not that good at doing guides as this is my first time, so bear with me.

The materials you need for this are:


You will probably have these from previous days…

  • Some duct tape (or nails from the greenhouse, but this is not recommended) (Roadblock, in the truck’s only locked locker).
  • Extension Cord (Attic of Hideout).
  • Bandage (RV).

Hunter’s Lodge

  • Wooden boards.
  • Revolver and Revolver ammo.
  • Whiskey.

Soldiers / Construction Site

  • Large tarp (Construction site, talk to Sarge for the location).
  • Copper Wire (Construction site, need gas, also see above for location).
  • Storm Catchers (Talk to Paul, need to have helped Steve (Give him whiskey and a bandage (See Hunter’s Lodge and Misc).

Finding the Soldiers

Sarge and his men can help you survive this (and of course you need them for perfect) so you need to go to the Restaurant (I don’t know if there are other locations, please inform me if so) and then simply click past all the dialogue (unless you care about it, i guess).

Setup (Storm Catchers)

Put the Storm Catchers at:

  • Construction Site (go to the crane, make sure generator is off, and plug in the Storm Catcher at the top of the crane.)
  • Hunter’s Lodge (sweep off the leaves on the solar panels, plug the Extension Cord into the outlet inside the lodge, bring it outside through the broken window, up the tree behind the house, and then plug in the Catcher.
  • Restaurant (фsk Sarge for help with this, give him a gun and its ammo(only tried with revolver, let me know if Hunting Rifle works or not)

Home Setup

  • Leave all the doors closed.
  • Tape (or nail) all the boards to the windows.
  • Put the tarp over the helicopter from the roof.
  • Use your tape on the tarp.
  • Use Copper Wire on Chimney to create a lightning rod.
  • Leave the hatch closed as you leave.
Written by Bedsleeper

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