Borderlands – Fastest Legit EXP Farming

This is by far the fastest way to level up solo once you finish playtrough 2 and unlock 2.5.
Its very simple and all you need to do is shoot things that gives a insane amount of exp.

Useful Stuff

  • You will be fighting: Larva Crab Worms and nothing else.
  • They are weak against shock but also seem to take alot of extra damage from fire.
  • At level 54 they give around 4850 experience per kill.
  • Their eyes are their crit spot.
  • I recommend to use a shock or fire SMG when farming.
  • The worms are very weak and will die in a 1-2 hits if you land a crit.
  • Viable for any class and build.

Worried about outleveling your gear?

Finish DLC4 (Claptrap’s Robot DLC) before you start this but dont turn in the final quest called: Helping is its own reward… wait no it isnt!

That way you have access to a infite amount of red chests all the time in Tartarus Station that scales with you as you level.

How to Actually Farm Here?

Start by fast traveling to lost cave.
Follow the map as shown below.
Kill all of the larva crab worms on your way until you reach the finish line.
Quit out of the game and reload back in and do it all over again.

Location: Lost Cave

Borderlands - Fastest Legit EXP Farming

Estimated Time

Level: 56-69 took me 79 minutes.

Borderlands - Fastest Legit EXP Farming

Written by Satanic | Nodoka

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