Sven Co-op – Secret Chumtoad Lair (Ba_xen2)

This guide will tell you how to access the Chumtoad Lair on the Blue Shift level ba_xen2.

What You Need

  • A crowbar.
  • A pistol or submachine gun.
  • Full Health.
  • (Optional) Turn off Survival Mode to make it easier to try again if you die.

What You Need to Do

Proceed through the level as normal. Once you have reached the rooms with the barnacles, stop.

Sven Co-op - Secret Chumtoad Lair (Ba_xen2)

Enter the room and clear it of enemies. Its important to kill the barnacles because they can potentially kill you either when you go into the water or when you are making the return trip.
Go to the healing pool and get your health to 100%.

Enter the water and dive down towards the bottom. There will be heath kits on ledges on your way down. Use them when you begin to drown. Once you reach the bottom there is a medkit in front of a crack that bubbles are coming from.

Sven Co-op - Secret Chumtoad Lair (Ba_xen2)

Once you have reached the crack use your crowbar to destroy the the wall. Its best to use the crowbar simply because most weapons don’t work underwater. Since you don’t need to reload either its the best option you have.

After you break through there is a second mesh wall that you will also need to break through. Swim up and you will find the Chumtoads lair. It contains ten snarks and the Chumtoads will teleport once you get close enough.

Sven Co-op - Secret Chumtoad Lair (Ba_xen2)

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