UBOAT – Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

To open console press “~”. Very important enter console commands with big latter, console commands are case sensitive.

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Console Commands

  • Budget [Any Number] – Add some money.
  • Leak – Create random leak on you U-BOAT.
  • Reputation [Any Number] – Increase reputation to buy upgrade.
  • Skip [Any Number and Time Unit] – Skip in-game time w/out consume u-boat resources.
  • Teleport [Any Two Number] – Teleport you U-boat on entered coordinates, For East long use “-number”.
  • Weather [Fog, Calm, Cloudy, Storm] – Change in-game weather.
  • XP [Any number] – Add experience to your crew on board.
  • Spawn [Warships, Convoy, Transport, Submarine] – Spawn front on you groups of enemy.
  • Torpedo – Launch torpedo on selected target.
  • Wound – Damage you sailors moon.
  • Bomb – Drop bomb on selected target.
  • Detect [Any Number] – Create random group near you position.
Written by GKV2403


  1. one problem, the console opens commands work. But here’s how to close the console then? You have to save and exit to the main menu.

  2. Can you give an example? How do we parse it? Like “CC Budget 1000”? I dont seem to get it to work.

  3. NOTICE: for the Wound command, you must make sure you put the sailor’s name in quotes (ex. Wound “Friedrich Eberhardt”)

  4. Notes. For characters use quotes, ie use Wound “First Last”. Also, if your stuck with a black screen and unable to do anything, press escape, then tab then type LeakDetection. You will save and reload and possibly be able to keep playing.

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