Blood: Fresh Supply – Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes List

To enter a cheat code, you first gotta press T, used for chat and then type the cheat code exactly as shown (if it has spaces, write them too).

  • clarice: 100% body armor, 100% fire armor, 100% spirit armor.
  • griswold: 200% Armor.
  • spork: 200% Health.
  • cousteau: 200% Health and Diving Suit.
  • krueger: 200% Health and Fire.
  • montana: All Items.
  • keymaster: All Keys.
  • idaho: All Weapons.
  • lara croft: All Weapons + Infinite Ammo.
  • hongkong: All Weapons and Full Ammo.
  • mcgee: Burn Yourself.
  • eva galli: Clipping.
  • spielberg: Disable All Cheats.
  • capinmyass: Disable God Mode.
  • rate: Display Frame Rate.
  • edmark: Displays the message “Ahh… Those Were The Days”.
  • tequila: Double Weapons.
  • bunz: Double Weapons + Full Ammo.
  • jojo: Drunk Mode.
  • fork broussard: Drunk Mode + No Weapons.
  • no cap in my ass: Enable God Mode.
  • satchel: Full Inventory.
  • I wanna be like Kevin: God Mode.
  • kevorkian: Instant Death.
  • onering: Invisibility.
  • funkyshoes: Jump Higher.
  • goonies: Show Full Map.
  • calgon: Skip Current Level.
  • sterno: Temporary Blindness.
  • voorhees: Temporary invulnerability.
  • mpkfa: Toggles god mode on or off.
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