Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Secret Class Badge Locations

A very simple list of where to find all the badges for the secret classes.

Classes & Locations (Spoilers)

  • Werewolf: Ekhidna Falls chest. (Unseeable, hidden up above in the nook to the right of the temple door with the glowy seal thingy. Must approach from the center, not bottom-left)
  • Vampire: Resting Stones chest from a secret trigger to reveal it. (The secret is a switch on the cloaked statue).
  • Vessel: Iirzk’tara Gorge (chest which requires flying).
  • Lich: Phougamouth Bogs (chest in middle of water) (Not there yet, might need float to stand on water and open it).
  • Princess / Lord: Gelligh (ambush level where you fight Septimus). You get one Coronal Plume here (just for beating the encounter) which you can use for one of these two classes. Don’t worry as you will get more later on, just mentioning the first.

To clarify, the wiki suggests you can get more from:

  • A prize for winning the second arena.
  • A reward as part of the Obelisk puzzle.

I have heard it said that you can also get some from an optional endgame area that came with the final release, but I’m not sure.

Princess / Lord are actually slightly similar but unique classes and not just one class with two gender names, so maybe consider which you want first.

Written by Cerulean Shaman

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