Them & Us – Walkthrough to Completing the Mansion

A step by step walkthrough to the 0.5.0 update including advice on how to make use of supplies and solutions to puzzles.

About this Guide

I decided to write this guide because of the many times I got stuck playing through this game on my own. I couldn’t find a comprehensive guide or video detailing how to make it through and since this is one of the most exciting early access games I’ve seen in awhile I figured I would make one here for anyone else who wants to see all the current game has to offer but is stuck on one particular step or another.

Currently I only have experience in Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty and this guide is intended to help readers with their first play through so any differences specific to Professional difficulty may not be reflected here. Most of my experience with the game has been with the fixed camera perspective as well, so any challenges specific to the over-the-shoulder perspective may not be covered here (although from what I’ve played of the OTS perspective most of the challenges are the same, combat is just a little different) It’s also worth noting that because the game is still in development some details may change over time. It also goes without saying that this guide will contain spoilers.

Starting a New Game

Before beginning the game you will need to select a difficulty and camera mode. As a new player, the only difficulties available will be Easy and Normal. The modes are quite similar. The only differences seem to be:

  • On easy, Zombies have slightly less health. Very slight difference.
  • On easy, Enemies do much less damage.
  • On easy, Enemies move more slowly on average.
  • On easy, Vinyls will not be consumed when you use them, allowing for infinite saves.

For players new to Survival Horror games you will definitely want to choose easy as the beginning of the game can be very punishing. Players who have experience in the genre will want to consider how good they are at avoiding Zombies in systems similar to the early RE games, as it seems to be absolutely paramount in the current version of the game that players do a good job at this. Some experienced survival horror players may still want to start on Easy.

Once you’ve selected a difficulty you will need to choose a camera angle. Even for new players I have to recommend the fixed camera perspective. It’s very strange to adjust to and many people feel that it’s outdated or clunky but it offers a much better survival horror experience in my opinion. Having said that, a lot of people have played this game with the over-the-shoulder perspective and have enjoyed it a great deal so if you’re dead set against fixed camera angles then you should chose that option.

If you do choose to play with fixed Camera you will then have to choose a control mode: Alternative or Tank Controls. If you don’t know what these are or don’t have a preference I would recommend tank controls for now as the Alternative controls still need a bit of work. Having said that if you prefer Alternative controls (or just can’t stand Tank Controls) they are quite usable (all my fixed camera playthroughs have been with Alternative).

Once you have decided the game will start.

1. Getting Started

The game opens with an artistic rendering of our main character Alicia where we learn a bit about her backstory. This ends with the bus transporting us going off the road and crashing. Our game play opens up on a foggy road littered with cars. Walk to the end of this road and Alicia will collapse. We then get another cutscene where we see that we are now in some kind of boat before passing out again. This time we wake up in a bedroom and this is where the game really starts.

The room we’re in has two doors, but before we can leave we’ll need to change clothes (we’re still wearing our prison orange outfit). There is a wardrobe in the corner next to one of the locked door, interacting with it will give us the option to change into different clothing.

Next we have to unlock the door opposite the wardrobe. We can do this by picking up the knife which is on the nightstand on the same side of the bed as the wardrobe, and using it on the door.

If you’re playing on Easy and don’t want to try juking past zombies early on you can take the knife to use as a weapon, but since it takes up half our inventory and it’s very difficulty to fight zombies on any difficulty mode without taking damage it’s usually best to leave it behind. If you do choose to take it I only recommend fighting zombies in the first indoor hallway we enter (next section of this guide) as the other zombies you encounter in the beginning of the game will never be a threat again after you get past them the first time.

Next to the locked door we can’t yet unlock there is a screwdriver blade which we need so pick this up. There are also some bandages. If you’re an experienced survival horror player, you can save the bandages for later (there will be an item later which you can use to make them more effective) but otherwise you should use these now as you will start the game badly hurt. When you’re finished, head through the unlocked door.

You should find yourself in a small outdoor corridor bounded by a tall fence. The only item in the second area is the screwdriver handle sitting on top of a trash can.

Pick this up (dropping whatever is in your second inventory slot if needed) and combine it with the screwdriver blade (after which make sure to pick up whatever you dropped). You can use the screwdriver to open the door at the end of the corridor.

Make sure you have everything you want from these first two areas before you go through this door, as it will be awhile before we can come back to this area, then go through.

2. Encountering the First Zombie and Getting the Lighter

You should find yourself in the middle of the Bedroom Side Hallway F1. It’s a very long hallway with a ton of doors, most of which we can’t open yet. Take a left and head down a short distance until you see some stairs going up. Head up and grab a vinyl disk (used to save your game) from a table at the top of the stairs. Ignore the first two doors on the right side, but go into the 3rd door on your right after going up the stairs (if you hear a zombie chewing you’ve probably gone too far). This is our first save room.

Save Room:

We’re about to encounter our first zombie, so unless you’re very confident in your Zombie dodging skills I recommend you save here with the Vinyl you picked up just now (this goes double for players who didn’t use the bandage in the first room). You can save by interacting with the phonograph towards the back of the room while the disk is in your inventory. There’s also some handgun ammo and a note in this room. We don’t have a gun and barely any inventory space to spare, so leave the ammo for now, read the note for plot related info, and head out the same way you came in.

Head further down the hall and you’ll see a zombie eating a body. There will be a short cutscene where the zombie will turn to chase her. The body the zombie is chewing on has an item on it we need, but we have no effective way to kill the zombie yet so you’ll need to get past him.

There are two main ways to do this:

  • Kiting the zombie to an open area (hard to do in hallways but if you try this here I recommend the top of the stairs) and then running around him, OR
  • Juke the zombie by carefully getting close to him then quickly pulling back when he lunges forward to grab you. After an attack (whether it hits you or not) zombies will have a short delay where they’re unable to lunge giving you a short window to safely run past. Note that if you run directly into the zombie they’ll still attack you even if this window is active.

You will want to be able to do this several times, so it’s good to get used to it now. If you do get grabbed it’s ok, just run past the zombie after he’s finished chewing on you, but realistically you can only take a few hits before using the lighter (which will give us access to more healing items) without dying so be careful. Get past him once to grab the lighter off the body, then do it again to get back to the previous section of hallway.

Head back downstairs and past where you originally entered the first floor hallway. There are some bandages on a table to your right as you head down, grab these. A ways down the hallway should turn right and shortly after this there should be a door on your left which is unlocked which will take us to the F1 bathroom, drop the bandages you grabbed a moment ago and head in.

Bathroom Door:

3. Getting the Antimony Key and the Backpack

Upon entering we get a short cutscene of a candle going out. Head to the far side of the room and find the flashing candle. Use the lighter here to light up the room so we can interact with objects inside but DO NOT INTERACT WITH THE BATHTUB CURTAIN YET. At this point, go outside and drop everything in your inventory in the hallway, then go back into the bathroom, grab the medical kit off the wall and the ointment off the counter, then head back into the hall and drop one of these as well. Make sure you have at least 1 inventory slot open and go back into the bathroom. When you interact with the bathtub curtain another short cutscene will play where a zombie falls out of the bathtub and we watch as he gets to his feet. Juke this zombie to grab the Antimony key out of the tub then run to the exit, juking him again if needed. Don’t feel bad if you take a hit here as this is one of the harder jukes to pull off and we have several healing options at this point.

Make sure you don’t head too far down the hallway in the direction we originally came from as there is now a zombie ready to crash through a window that we don’t want to activate yet. Now that you have the ointment you can combine this object with any bandages to increase their effectiveness. Take a moment (since all your currently obtained and unused bandages should be around this bathroom) and pick up and combine the ointment with all your bandages now. Now is also a good time to use a healing item if you took any hits while avoiding those first two zombies. A small bandage + ointment should do it, but if you’re really badly hurt (Alicia will be limping) then use the medical kit instead. Then drop everything except the Antimony key and head back towards the direction we originally came from.

As mentioned, a zombie will break through a window as you head down the hall, but the door we want is right next to this window and it takes him some time to get up, so we should be able to head through the double doors on our right before he has a chance to do anything. This takes us to the F1 Library.

Library F1 Entrance:

You may hear a zombie making noise, but don’t worry he can’t reach you here. Head into the library until you see a fireplace with a big portrait above it. Take a left and behind a broken ladder on a table you’ll find a doorknob and a backpack. The backpack allows us to hold 6 items instead of 2 which is a game changer. Grab these then go to the right side of the fireplace to find a display case holding a pistol. We can’t open it yet, but we can interact to push it under the broken ladder we mentioned before. This is all we can do here for now, so head back out the way you came in.

Backpack/Gun Case:

4. Getting the Neptune Key, Venus Key, and the Pistol

Next you’ll need to go back to the second floor. Make sure you bring both the doorknob and the antimony key (although you shouldn’t be hard up for inventory space at the moment). There are now 2 zombies in this hallway and while their specific locations vary each time you enter the hall usually one will be on the second floor by the safe room entrance and the other will be in between your current position and the stairs. Juke that zombie if he’s present and head back upstairs. This time go to the second door along the right wall and you should see that it has a broken handle. Use the doorknob you found in the library and go through the door.

Door Knob Repair:

This will bring you to a second floor outdoor walkway. There’s a door directly in front of you which is locked and a zombie to your right. Head left to a narrow passage which has a zombie blocking your path. Juke this zombie and continue down to a door. Your antimony key can unlock this and will be automatically discarded afterward. This will take you to the office F2. In here you will find a lot of items (in total: a Vinyl disk, some handgun ammo, an old key, the Neptune key, and a medium bandage) and I recommend taking anything you can but make sure you get the Neptune Key if you run out of space. This room also contains an easter egg which allows you to turn on a few different visual filters by interacting with the TV. After you’re done, head out the door next to the TV.

The next room is a circular hallway which contains a zombie. The door on the opposite side can be unlocked from your side and acts as a shortcut back to the second floor outdoor area we were just in. Make sure you grab the flashlight from the lit side of the hallway – it takes no inventory space and can be used to improve visibility – then leave through the unlocked door. Once back outside, head directly across and back to the F2 Bedroom Side Hallway.


Head towards the safe room and past it in the direction where you encountered the first zombie. He will usually be hanging out next to the safe room door, so you’ll probably have to juke him to get by. The neptune key will unlock the double doors just past the safe room and be then be discarded. This takes us to the Library F2.

Library F2 Entrance:

Once inside you’ll find yourself on a balcony overlooking the Library F1 from earlier. Avoid going right (Alicia’s right, not the camera’s right) as there’s a zombie over there which wont activate unless you get too close and you don’t need that side of the room just yet. Instead head left and you’ll see a few statues. Push the second one (which has an item on top of it) by interacting with it and you should see it sitting at the top of the broken ladder from earlier. As long as you pushed the glass case in the previous section, you should be able to push it off the ledge, leaving both the gun and the item on the statue available on the F1 LIbrary below. While you’re here, grab the old key which is sitting on the windowsill next to the top of the ladder, then head back out to the hallway you came from.

Pushing Library Statue:

You want to head back down to the F1 Library but first make sure you stop by the safe room to pick up the pistol ammo you left there earlier. Also, if you have more than 4 items (you probably will) you’ll want to go drop a few at the far end of the F1 hallway (near where your leftover healing items were placed in the previous section). Don’t worry about all the zombies banging on the windows, they’re not coming in just yet. Then head into the F1 Library to pick up the Venus Key and (finally) your pistol.

5. Reaching the Main Hall Safe Room

Make sure you equip your pistol before you head back out into the hallway. Immediately when you enter, all the zombies banging on the window will break in and there are way too many given our currently limited pistol ammo. Fortunately we’re done in this area for awhile so quickly run past them towards the bathroom (away from the stairs) and go through the double doors (unlocked with the Venus Key) near the very far end of the hallway to enter the dinning room. If you’re hurt you can double back to grab some of your healing items (which should be sitting outside the bathroom door) but make sure you enter and exit the dining room first, otherwise the zombies may overtake you before you finish managing your items and after re-entering the hallway most of them should be placed far away from the bathroom door. Before progressing, make sure you grab your lighter if you left it near the bathroom.

Once in the dinning room, make sure you stay on the right (Alicia’s right when entering) side of the table at all times as extra zombies will come in through the windows if you go to the left side and there’s nothing we need over there. Kill the zombie on the right side of the table and grab the handgun ammo against the right wall. You can also read a note a bit further down for more plot info before going through the double doors nearby.

This will take you to the Main Hall Side Hallway. Immediately to the right of the entrance you will see a zombie facing the wall. Get his attention, juke him and then use your lighter on the dresser behind him. This will reveal a medical kit. Grab it and then juke him again to run down the hall in the opposite direction. Along the way there will be a metal door on Alicia’s right, unlock this with an old key and enter. This will take you to an outdoor hallway which contains two zombies, some handgun ammo, and a statue head at the end of it. Juke these two zombies (you can kill them, but it makes ammo much more tight) grab the statue head, and then leave the way you came in.

Zombie Guarding Ammo:

Old Key Door/Statue Head:

Back in the Main Hall Side Hallway head away from the zombie you encountered earlier (who should be back to staring at the wall) and into a perpendicular hallway with double doors to the right and a zombie to the left (just off camera for fixed perspective):

Kill the zombie and then head through the double doors into the main hall. There are a ton of zombies in the main hall but you don’t need to kill any of them. Instead head immediately left the door you came in and enter the first door on the wall to your left to enter the second safe room.

Main Hall Safe Room Entrance:

6. Getting the Moon and Gold Keys

Leave the lighter, Vinyl Disks, Statue Head and any extra healing items you have in the safe room then grab the handgun ammo sitting on the chair and go back to the Main Hall.

(Optional) At this point you can go back and move your ointment/healing items from the bathroom area to the safe room. This isn’t required but can save you time if you’re using a lot of healing items.

Take a fast left to find some bandages then continue along that wall to find the moon key by two big unique doors. These doors lead out of the mansion, but we’ll need to do more stuff first to open them. Juke the zombie on the side of the hall opposite the safe room and grab some pistol ammo on the desk behind him, then head back to the safe room to drop off the bandages and reset the zombies before heading back to the Main Hall again.

Moon Key/Mansion Door:

At this point you need to get a note from upstairs in order to do the clock puzzle so juke the zombie staring at the altar at the top of the stairs leading to the second level of the hall and head right.

Grab the Vinyl disk off the table in the back corner and then continue down the balcony hugging the right side of the room (juking any zombies which wander into your way). Halfway down you’ll find another table with a note which you need to grab before you can interact with the clock in the kitchen. Grab this note, then head back down to the first floor and after making sure you have a few free inventory slots, out into the Main Hall Side Hallway.

Clock Puzzle Note:

Continue straight down the hall in the direction you were facing as you entered (grabbing the bandage off the table as you go) and you should reach some stairs leading down. The moon key should unlock the door at the bottom and you can now enter the kitchen.

Once inside, do not loot the body right in front of you as it will then turn into a zombie. Instead turn immediately left and kill the zombie moving towards you from the far end of the room. Head down to the side of the room the zombie came from (on the side of the middle island near the door you came in) and pick up the final old key, then head to the other side of the island and use your flashlight to find a small desk clock sitting on the island.

Interact with it to find it’s broken, but it will ask you if you want to move it. Select yes and you’ll see a small paper under the clock, then interact with it again. There will be a message telling you when “Dinner Time” is. This is a random time between 6:00 and 7:00 each time you do this puzzle so make sure you remember or wright this down. As soon as you’re done inspecting it a zombie will start to stand up behind you. Run for the door you came in before he can attack and grab additional handgun ammo from the body near the door before you leave. Then head back through the previous hallway to the Dinning Room.

Go to the grandfather clock near the double door and interact with it.

You can now set the time, so set it to the “Dinner Time” specified by the clock in the kitchen. If done correctly, the clock will open and you can grab the clock gear. (Note: The grandfather clock will randomly ‘ring’ and when it does you’ll be unable to interact with it until it’s finished which can take 20 to 30 seconds.) Head back to the main hall and go to the grandfather clock on the wall opposite the safe room. Use the gear and the clock will rotate revealing the Gold Key (you may have to kite the nearby zombie away while it spins as it takes awhile to fully rotate).

Head into the safe room to reset the zombies.

7. Clearing the Courtyard and Bedroom Side Hallway

At this point you should have 4 keys (Gold, Moon, and 2 old keys) as well as your pistol and ammo. Head back through the Main Hall Side Hallway and the Dinning Room to get to the Bedroom Side Hallway. You should have quite a bit of ammo, so kill every zombie on the first floor of the bedroom side hallway. You need to make sure you have at least 20 (or so) bullets left after you do this, so if you start to run out enter one of the unlocked rooms in the hallway behind you and exit to reset any zombies from the second floor who wandered down, juke the remaining zombies on the first floor, then use the Moon Key to open the door next to the bottom of the hallway stairs. This will take you back to the bedroom in which we started the game. Pick up the knife (it’ll save us a bullet later) and make sure to interact with the dresser next to where you found the screwdriver handle at the beginning – you can use an old key to find 15 bullets inside, then leave through the door leading to the outdoor passage.

Use your final old key to unlock the metal gate leading to the Courtyard and go through it.

This part is tricky. There’s a zombie immediately to your right and zombie dogs nearby. My strategy is to try and kill the zombie as quickly as possible standing next to the gate, leaving and re-entering to avoid damage if I get into trouble. Once the zombie is dead I work on the two dogs one at a time (if you get both leave and come back in). It’s difficult to kill the dogs without getting hit so don’t be afraid to double back for healing items if you need to.

Avoid picking up any of the items sitting on corpses as they’ll turn into zombies the moment you do. Instead, hug the left wall and head all the way down until you reach a dead end with a zombie and an item. Kill the zombie and grab the shears.

You should be pretty low on ammo at this point so juke any other zombies you run into and find the fountain and a Large Bandage on a bench nearby.

You should see a zombie standing by some barrels near the fountain. Kite this zombie away, then equip your knife and break the barrels to find some much needed handgun ammo. There’s also a double door near the fountain which takes you back to the main hall (behind the stairs leading to it’s second floor). Before you leave, quickly grab the ammo off the two bodies in the courtyard and then use this and head back to the safe room to drop off the shears and knife.

8. Getting the Light Crystal, Angel Medallion and Evil Medallion

In the safe room drop off everything but your pistol, ammo, the gold key, and grab the Statue Head. Then head back to the main hall and juke the zombie on the stairs like before to get to the Main Hall F2. Head down either the right or left side to reach the wall right above the main Mansion door. You’ll see a glass case and using the gold key you can open it to get the red book.

You can also grab more handgun ammo from a body in the middle of the bridge connecting the right and left passages leading to the back of the second floor (although this will add a zombie to the main hall, but he’s avoidable).

Now head back through the dining room and Bedroom Side Hallway to get to the Office F2 (it’s the room with the Easter egg TV found in section 3 of this guide). Kill any zombies that block your path in the Bedroom Side Hallway as you’ll go back and forth here a few times. In the Office there is a headless statue holding a book and a staff. First use the Red Book on it to retrieve the Blue Book, then use the Statue head to retrieve the Light Crystal.

Now head for the Library F1. You can now retrieve the Imitation Lions Head using the blue book:

Behind the broken ladder you can also find another gold key case containing the wolfs head.

Now we need the shears, so head back to the Main Hall safe room to retrieve them, then head for the Courtyard. You can drop off the Light Crystal to make room in your inventory if you need but make sure you have the shears and both animal heads. At the fountain there will be a spot on which you can place the Imitation Lions Head.

This will cause a short cutscene showing the real Lions Head falling to the ground on the opposite side of the fountain.

Grab it and head to the outdoor area connected to the bedroom. Head all the way to the back of this area by the hedges and you can see light coming from behind one of them.

Use the shears to clear the hedge and find a zombie guarding a statue with the Angel Medallion. Kill the zombie (or juke him) and take it. Then head for the Library F2. When you arrive, head right and kill the zombie to get to a pedestal where you can place the Wolf Head. Then go back and take the left path to find an identical pedestal where you can place the Lion Head.

This will trigger a short cutscene where you can see a secret door opening on the Library F1. Head down there and go in the secret room to find a note with plot info, some handgun ammo, and the Evil Medallion.

Now you have everything you need to get out of the Mansion! Head back to the Main Hall and grab the Light Crystal from the safe room. Kill/juke the zombie on the stairs (by the evil altar) and the one by the door if you have the ammo. Then use the Light Crystal on the altar and the medallions on the Main Mansion Door.

Make sure you have a few free inventory spaces and head through the mansion door.

9. Getting the Blue Emerald Key, Gardeners Note, Yellow Emerald Key, and unlocking the Garden

The manor door takes us to the Courtyard. This is a large area with many winding paths and TONS of zombies. We have more room to move here than inside and while there is a lot of ammo, there’s even more enemies here so you’ll want to juke as many zombies as possible.

Start by heading down the stairs immediately ahead and to the right of the mansion door. Take a left at the bottom and into the main circular area with a fountain in the middle. Grab the bandages off the bench on the north side of this circle and then head east via either of the two eastern paths. Keep on this path until you reach a boarded up gate.

Interacting with it will hint that you might be able to climb over it. Double back to the previous intersection and head to the dead end north of you. Break the barrel at the very back to find some ammo, then inspect the wooden crate separated from the others. You will have a prompt to push it. Do this twice and you will push it all the way up to the boarded up door. Interact with the box a third time to climb over into a small oval area. Grab the Blue Emerald Key off the body in the North-East side of the area, break a barrel in the South-East side for some handgun ammo, and return to the boarded up door to open it from this side.

Boarded up door:

Next, return to the mansion entrance the way you came. You need at least one free inventory slot so if you’re full swing by the safe room just inside the mansion to drop off extra supplies. From the mansion door, head west. After passing a zombie (feel free to kill this guy, we’ll head this way a few times) skip picking up the handgun ammo on a corpse (we don’t want it to stand up yet) and keep going west until the path branches north and south. Head north into an open grassy area.

Nearby is a blue door which our Blue Emerald key can unlock, but before doing that explore the rest of this area to find some handgun ammo, a note, and a vinyl. Leave the vinyl unless you have plenty of extra inventory space and avoid the zombies while making your way back to unlock the Blue Emerald door. Follow the path taking a swift left (south) and enter the small greenhouse after killing the zombie standing just inside the door. Inside you’ll find some handgun ammo, more ointment (take it if you have space) and the Hidden Note. Make sure to read the note as you wont be able to pick up a key item later without it.

Head back out to the path and follow it to the north wast side to find large bandages and handgun ammo. If your bag is full, feel free to leave either of these as we’ll be back here again later. Heading to the northwest side that path passes through an open gate and on the other side is 5 dogs. Try to get the attention of 1-2 of the dogs at a time and kill them. If you get 3 or more you probably want to run away and return after they reset. Once the dogs are dead, head through the open gate to find a Gazebo containing the Yellow Emerald Key.

Yellow Emerald Key:

Once you have the key, head back towards the East side of the courtyard. Stop at the mansion to heal up and drop off extra supplies, but try to have a lot of handgun ammo on you. Next, head back to where you found the Blue Emerald Key and use the Yellow Key to unlock the door on the east wall.

10. Getting the Red Emerald Key and the Antique Mirror

Through the Yellow Emerald door we find the Garden. This area is more linear and like the courtyard has a LOT of zombies spread throughout it. Running past enemies is still easy, but because of it’s linear nature and the fact that you’ll be in tight spaces as you get further into it, having lots of zombies following you through it becomes very dangerous so I recommend killing most/all of the zombies on the main path rather than running past them.

Follow the path outlined by the image on the right, you should run into a few zombies who are in your way. Kill these but ignore the side paths for now. Once you reach the end of the marked path you should have reached a small indoor greenhouse area. Kill or avoid the two zombies inside while collecting the handgun ammo and the red key before leaving.

Now that we have the red emerald key we need to head back to the courtyard, so head back the way you just came from. Now you should feel free to juke past the zombies on the side paths to get to the ammo and healing items they’re guarding since they’ll reset when we leave the area saving us some ammo.

Back in the courtyard, head to the southern most path leading west from the area with the Yellow Key door. Halfway down this path you’ll find a red gate which you can now open with your red emerald key. This leads to a small area with tight spaces and lots of zombies. If you have a ton of handgun ammo feel free to kill a few but since we still need plenty of ammo for the garden area you’ll want to juke past as many of them as possible. There’s some handgun ammo in the clearing with the statue, but the item we really need is in the South-East corner – the Door Handle. Once you have the door handle, get out of there and head back to the Yellow Emerald door and back to the garden.

Door Handle:

Once you’ve returned to the Garden, head back to the location you found the Red Emerald Key and head down the path south until you can take a turn to the east. There’s a building here that acts as a save room with a vinyl inside so save here if you need to, grab the handgun ammo next to the phonograph and continue south along the marked path. Kill any zombies that block your path, open the red gate with your key, and make sure not to miss the handgun ammo in a barrel on the north side of the circular area just past the safe room.

You should now be in an area with two more greenhouse buildings. Enter the one right in front of you first. Kill or avoid the zombies inside to find a lore note, 2 healing items and 2 pickups of handgun ammo, then leave the way you came in and head to the greenhouse just south of you. Use the door handle to fix the door and head inside to find another healing item, handgun ammo, and the mirror being guarded by a zombie. He’s easy to avoid so grab what you can (make sure you get the mirror) and head back out to the Courtyard.

Antique Mirror:

11. Unlocking the Portal and Ploutus Box

Head back to the Main Mansion Door (this is a good opportunity to save and drop off supplies if you haven’t done so in awhile). Directly in front of it is a statue facing away from the door off the balcony overlooking the courtyard. Approach it and use the Antique Mirror to activate a red beam firing from the front end of the statue towards the fixture in the middle of the courtyard. There are two similar statues both to the east and west of this one on this balcony which are also shooting beams and can be aimed by interacting with them. Be careful of the zombie guarding the east statue but grab the handgun ammo and check out the lore note nearby before interacting with the statues. Aim both the east and west statues towards the fixture in the middle – you should see a stone light up as the beam passes across it when they’re in the right spot.

Placing mirror/Aiming statues:

Once you have both statues in place a portal will appear near the fixture and Alicia will approach it automatically. Interact with it to enter and you’ll be taken to a small safe room which contains an item box!

(Optional) Take this opportunity to move all your supplies from the mansion to the item box as this location will be more accessible to you going forward and you wont have to organize your stuff on the floor.

(Optional) There is also a device in this room called a Box of Ploutus which can be used to retrieve items left on the ground in specific places. It’s not terribly useful at this stage of the game and you don’t need it to progress but if you want to unlock it all you have to do is place 4 pieces in the correct spots to form a pattern. There is a note on a table nearby but it’s incomplete. The solution to this puzzle is shown in the image bellow.

Box of Ploutus soltuion:

Once you are finished, return to the portal and interact with it to exit back to the Courtyard.

12. Getting and using the Green Emerald Key

Earlier we picked up a note that revealed the hidden location of a key, so now it’s time to go get it. (If you did NOT get the hidden note you wont be able to pick this key up, so if you don’t have it in your records go get it as detailed in section 9).

To find the hidden key, head to the entrance to the mansion, then head along the balcony to the west. Once you reach the area with the dead body (zombie) holding handgun ammo, head south to find a lamp post with a few flower boxes next to it. Interact with the flower box along the south wall just to the right of the lamp post to receive the Green Emerald Key.

Green Emerald Key:

Head to the main central area of the Courtyard and use the Green Key to open the door on it’s south side. You now have access to the next area via the door immediately south of you.

(Optional) One of the two green emerald doors leads us to some useful supplies but isn’t required to complete the game in it’s current state. If you are good on health/ammo and don’t mind missing a lore note, feel free to skip the rest of this section. Travel to the area to the east marked by the image to the right. Kill or juke the zombie in this area then open the Green gate leading south. Head a short ways south, then head west to read a lore note and get some handgun ammo followed by east to get some shotgun ammo. You’ll need to juke zombies both ways but you have plenty of room to move here and since you wont be coming back it’s not worth using ammo unless you have a lot of extra.

13. Exploring the Ruins and Unlocking the Sewers

Drop off any extra supplies at the item box, heal up and head for the door against the south wall of the courtyard. Before going through it you can go west to get some handgun ammo or right to get a small bandage if you need it, although you will need to juke some zombies to get both. When you’re done, go though the door.

You’ll find yourself in a long corridor running east to west. Grab the shotgun ammo directly in front of you, then head west along the path shown in the image to the right. There are a lot of enemies here, but you have a great deal of space to move and can easily run past all the zombies. There is a dog near the grassy area before heading through the door at the end of the path which is worth killing if you can’t easily get around him, but save as much ammo as you can unless you have extra. Once you reach the end of the path you’ll find yourself in front of a ruined tower. Grab the handgun ammo from the corpse next to the gate nearby and head into the tower. On the bottom floor of the tower there is a trapdoor (shown on the map as a black square). Go down it to find a secret basement room with some handgun ammo and a zombie with an item around his neck. Kill him and take the Greenhouse Key off his body, then head back to the Courtyard.

Tower Trapdoor/Greenhouse Key Zombie:

Once you’re back in the courtyard, make a stop at the portal to drop off extra supplies in the item box and then head back to the grassy area in the North-East side of the courtyard near where we found the Yellow Key and killed the dogs in part 9. There’s a locked greenhouse near the gazebo we can now open with our Greenhouse Key. Inside we’ll find some extra handgun ammo and Lighter fluid. Grab this, and head back to the item box. Grab your lighter (wherever it is now) and the lighter fluid and head back to the ruins.

Once you arrive in the ruins, head east following the marked path in the image to the right. Once again there will be many dodgable zombies and two dogs. If you have spare handgun ammo you can use it here to kill the enemies in your path, or just run past them. When you reach the door you’ll find yourself in a large set of rooms which act as a safe room. There’s a vinyl here as well as the shotgun and some handgun ammo. Save the vinyl for now and head towards the farthest room from the entrance to find a door covered in old dry rope. Use the lighter fluid on the door, followed by the lighter to burn away the rope and unlock it, but don’t go through just yet.

Door covered in dry rope:

The next section is going to isolate us from previously explored areas as well as introduce a new enemy so take this opportunity to go manage your inventory first. You’ll want the shotgun and all the ammo you’ve collected. I don’t recommend bringing the pistol as you wont have much inventory space to work with. An extra healing item helps although you may have to leave it behind if you don’t use it early on in the next section. Store everything else, grab a vinyl then return to the save room in the ruins where we found the shotgun. Make sure to save here if you can, then go through the door to the sewers.

14. Exploring the Sewers and the Other World

In the first room of the sewer there are a few supply’s. Ignore the handgun ammo unless you brought the handgun and grab the healing item before moving on. When you try to move through the following room, gates will drop and trap you in with a new monster:

This monster moves quickly and has a very fast recovery time after getting hit. It’s weakness is it’s recovery time after attacking and it’s attack range. If you keep moving it will have a hard time missing you and if you get lots of distance after it attacks before shooting it you’ll be able to move again before it reaches you. 3-6 shots from the shotgun should end the fight depending on difficulty. Once the fight ends, the monster will push you through the portal and you’ll be taken to another world.

After the cutscene ends, move in the only direction available to you until you reach a blue fountain. Another cutscene will play in which a monster runs away from you while you’re near the water, revealing their weakness. Continue down this path until you see another fountain, two portals (one active, one inactive) and a Box of Ploutus. Grab the Divine Chalice (blue) from the base of the Box of Ploubus and head through the active portal (the blue one).

The area this takes us to has 3 of the monsters in their etherial form (green or blue highlight). In this form their invulnerable, so just run past them. There should be another blue fountain in this room and interacting with it will allow us to fill up our chalice, so grab that and then head to the portal on the opposite end from where you entered. This takes us to another room with a green fountain, another chalice (green) and a lighter. Take both these items (drop a healing item if you have to) and interact with the pedestal to start this area’s first puzzle.

The goal of this puzzle is to arrange 7 of the 12 pieces on the pedestal into the proper image. The key is an image representing the red markings on the pieces that can be found in a nearby room. The images bellow shows the solution:

Once the pieces are in place you can hit the lever nearby to fill the green fountain and fill up your new green chalice. Once this is done, head back the way you came to the room containing the box of Ploutus. Approach the red (inactive) portal and interact with it to activate it using the full blue chalice. Pass through that portal and run past the monsters in the next two rooms. Unlock the last portal by interacting with it while holding your full green chalice, then pass through it to reach the next puzzle area.

Cut sharply to the right and head towards a stone pillar which has a lever you can pull. Return to the area where the entrance to this platform was and the door in front of you should now be open. Head inside to see a number of colorful glowing pyramids and a magical book. Approach the book and interact with it twice – the first time to activate it and the second time to see the puzzle hint. After this, interact with the red pyramid to begin the puzzle.

Secret Lever/Magic book:

The goal of this puzzle is to get the dots on each corner of the triangle to match on each of it’s 3 upward facing sides (with the corner pieces that have no circle facing downward) and the face with the empty circle facing the player (not filled in with color or dots). You’ll know when you have the right configuration because a sound effect will play. Bellow you can see the proper configuration for each side of the triangle:

Back sides of the triangle:


After exiting the pyramid interface immediately use the lighter on the pyramid to finish the puzzle and unlock a portal back to the sewers back where we originally entered the other world. Run back to the beginning of this area and go through the portal to return to the room where we fought the first new monster. The gate onward will be open, so ignore the monster trying to attack you and just run through the door and up the ladder.

15. Return to the Ruins and Meet Paul

The ladder from the sewers will take us back to the ruins on the other side of that locked door in the safe room. There’s a portal here which will take us to our item box, use this now to resupply ammo and healing items as well as to drop off the lighter. We can’t drop off the chalices or our weapon so grab a vinyl and head back out.

Follow the path marked on the image to the left, avoiding or killing zombies on the path. Make sure you have enough ammo left to take out at least one of the new monsters. At the end of the marked path we’ll find a save room, and given all the puzzles we just solved we should take this opportunity to save. Grab the handgun ammo if you need it and have room, otherwise head back out the way we came in and head to the south door in the previous room which you can dispell with your green chalice. Juke another zombie on the path and then head through the door.

Once in this room we see a cutscene where another survivor squares off against some of the new monsters:

One of the monsters breaks off to fight us. It’s basically the same fight as the beginning of section 14, except this time when the monster becomes translucent interact with it to douse it with water and kill it for good. This will trigger a cutscene where Alicia and her new friend Paul have a chat. This is followed by a flashback segment where we control Paul in his office.

Our first job as Paul is to find whiskey. It’s in the right side drawn in his desk, although you’ll have to open the drawer containing his gun first to get to it.


Next, approach the Chalkboard to prompt a hunt for 5 different files.

Each one must be collected in order then placed on the chalkboard to proceed. The 4th file is in a locked drawer which requires a key. Here are the locations of the items in order:

File 1:

File 2:

File 3:


File 4:

File 5:

Once you’ve collected all these files and brought them to the chalkboard, Paul will determine he needs to go to Fog Island. To progress the game, exit the office through the only door. It’s worth noting that you can turn on a radio which yields some world building so if it’s your first playthrough it’s probably worth looking around the office while listening to it.

Once you exit the office the game leaves us with a “To be continued…” message. This is the end point for 0.5.0, so we’ll have to wait for future development to find out what happens next.

16. Generally Helpful Gameplay Tips

A few tips to help players:

  • You don’t want to kill every zombie. This is covered in the guide but you realistically can only afford to kill about half of them (maybe a little more if you scrounge all the ammo). Learning to get past zombies in rooms you don’t need to come back to is incredible helpful to success.
  • Healing items are limited but you can make each one go farther by using the Ointment items. They have enough charges to combine with every healing item in the game and increase the healing output of every item by a decent amount.
  • Because you don’t immediately have access to item storage, and only a 6 slot inventory, dropping your items in an accessible place is important. I found the best places early on are right outside the bathroom in the Bedroom Side Hallway (before making it to the main hall) and the Main Hall safe room (after making it to the main hall. I chose these locations because they are usually pretty safe to get to from any location the player might be in while progressing through the game (at least, with the strategies I’m using). After unlocking item storage I generally found it best to move everything there.
  • Zombie speeds change each time you encounter them. While some zombies seem to usually be faster than others, even the fast zombies sometimes walk slowly and the slow ones occasionally break into a dead sprint. You can reset zombies by leaving and entering areas so if a Zombie becomes hard to avoid because of a speed boost and you don’t have ammo to kill it, try leaving the area and coming back.
  • Like the previous tip, Zombies sometimes have a few different area’s in a room they an appear when you enter. Sometimes (like in the Bedroom Side Hallway) you can use this to your advantage when a Zombie is blocking your path. If you leave and come back it might not be in the same spot and you may be able to move through without fighting or dodging.
  • The knife isn’t often worth using in combat. I usually don’t even pick it up at the beginning because your inventory is so small when you start. If you don’t have handgun ammo (or just don’t have the handgun at all), then juking a Zombie is a much better option than engaging in a melee fight with the knife UNLESS you’re going to need to run past that Zombie multiple times before getting the ability to kill him (Easy/Normal difficulty).
  • On higher difficulties, Zombies don’t get much more health but they get CRAZY fast. It makes dodging their attacks much more difficult and forces you to kill a lot more of them because some Zombies which are safe to keep alive in Normal and Easy will pose a grave threat on Hard. Keep this in mind if you try for Hard on a second play through.


  1. Eu estou na mansão, acabei de sair calabolso usando o elevador, alguém pode me ajudar a abrir o cofre na sala do sol ?

    • Yes. In tower befor helicopter, when you check map, just go back where you came! Take boat and you will go to skull island. Dont go to helicopter

  2. Hey bro. that was a nice guide!
    but i can not find Blue Emerald Key.
    i went small oval area and i killed the zombie boss , but there was no Key there.
    there was just a note named : Hidden Key. in this note dead body noticed that key is in flower pot closet lamp post near entrance of mansion. but i didn’t find. can you help me?

      • I found solution. This guide for first version of game. In the last version after you opened exit door of mansion, go right . There is some broken flower pots. In left side you can find key. This key open another door.

          • Ok. When you exit the mansion, turn right. After Woman statue with mirror, there is another woman statue without mirror and one of her handis up! Turn left. There is some flower pots. Check all of them. Key must be there

          • By the way. You can find complete Walkthrough for last version of game in

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