XERA: Survival – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Quick Valuable Tips

1. Most canned foods (Chicken soup, baked beans etc.) Will give you both Hydration and Hunger benefits.

The Model Y

2. Model Y Robots (aka. Normal robots) will run after you to engage in melee combat. As of the time this guide is made, once a robot has spotted you, he will run after you and ignore your friends completely until they have killed you or died. These robots can be Identified (at the moment) By their tan armour plating, and almost desert camo.

As seen below:

The Model Z

3. These are Suicidal explosive robots. These can be identified by their signature glowing orange lines, and almost completely orange armour plating. These appear to run at the same speed as regular bots, and explode loudly upon reaching you or dying. After experimentation, we have found that the explosion will damage you AND other robots close to the detonation. The explosion radius isn’t that large, as of the time i am writing this.

As seen below:

The Model X

4. The third robot i have seen Is the larger, Deadlier, faster, stronger robot found at the Nator military base. This robot will take several magazines of most weapons to take down, and appears to have good loot drops, like AK47 rifles. it can be identified by Silver armour plating, its height, and green face lights. This is the most dangerous robot currently.

As seen below:

The Model V

5. I have not yet encountered this bot, as such i have no information except appearance on this robot.

As seen below:

6. When fighting normal and explosive bots with any firearm, Two well placed shots to the head should take them out. 4-5 should kill them if you are hitting there body, HOWEVER 5-7 shots to their leg(s) will cause them to start limping, and move very slowly, making them almost harmless.

7. Normal bots have been know the leap INCREDIBLY high, over buildings if they cannot reach you. This may be a bug, but we fear this is an intentional feature placed by whoever made these death machines.

8. All robot types will not currently attempt to attack your remote drones that you fly close to them, however i have not tested what will happen if you collide with a robot, as i only have one drone in my possession that i may need for other tests.

9. Dying while being in-progress to your next level, will cause a Currently unknown (to me) amount of EXP to be drained from your bar upon respawn/death.

10. Typing “/outfit” will change the camoflauge of your character clothing. this can help in some situations in forests against other players, or just to make your squad look organized.

11. You will only be able to see the markers above your party members heads once they are within 500 metres of your location.

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