Warhammer: Chaosbane – High Elf Mage: Weave and Beam Build Guide (Chaos 5 Viable)

This is a “weaving” build option in which you alternate between short bursts of the “Arcane Hail-superior” & “Breath of Fire-mastered” skills at a minimum interval of 3s to achieve great Dps output. It’s one that I’ve been working on throughout the week since servers first went live and have been having a pretty fun time with it so far, slaughtering & slaying heretics n daemon alike, so i figured i would share my results here too. 🙂

It is based around using the Dragontamer Heroic set & the heroic sword “RIft-Eater” & is fully capable of clearing all content on Chaos 5 difficulty modes.

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Skill Selections, Hotbar & Non-combat Static Statsheet

Warhammer: Chaosbane - High Elf Mage: Weave and Beam Build Guide (Chaos 5 Viable)

For your main attacks you’ll want to alternate between short bursts of the “Arcane Hail-superior” & “Breath of Fire-mastered” skills at a minimum interval of 3s, which serves multiple functions.

  1. Alternating between the two damage types helps keep full uptime on both 100% Dmg buffs from “Arcane binding”.
  2. Every use of “Breath of Fire” also activates our passive “Quaysh Shield” for greater Hp sustain/Dmg reduction.
  3. It procs beams from the item “Rift-Eater” like crazy.

While remaining static (not moving) whenever safely possible to keep active our defensive buffs and remembering to cast “Blinding Light-M”, “Aetheric Vortex-S” on cooldown for the additional utility they bring along with them. (Area dmg, +25% Damage taken to mobs, Slows, Knockback & Health/energy sustain)

Casting “Aetheric Storm-M” either on cd or saved for when needed during big pulls and/or boss burn phases for the damage buff it provides as well as the great area coverage too.

Alternative skill setup: (here’s 2 simple skill swaps for those who don’t enjoy Breath of fire spamming):

  • Replace “Breath of fire-Mastered” with “Aetheric Ray – Superior”.
  • Replace “Quasyh Shield-Mastered” with “Arcane Secrets-Mastered”.

And it still pushes out fantastic dps, (See 50s keeper of secrets kill video in the link at end of guide).

God Skill Tree

Current Blessing Gem Combinations Used

Used on both rings, necklace, sword & staff.

Used on Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots, Bracers.

Gear & Stats by Slot

Gear & stats by slot: Disclaimer: gear rolls are subject to change at anytime.

Main Set Slots:

  • Dragontamer Helm = 3k Armor, 7.9 Cd reduction, 10k Health, 9.4% cost reduction, 104 counter-attack
  • Dragontamer Chest = 3.1k Armor, 10.4k Health, .6 health regen, 24 max energy, 127 counter-attack
  • Dragontamer Legs = 3.1k Armor, 10.4k Health, .5 health regen, 22 max energy, 120 counter-attack
  • Dragontamer Bracer =3.1k Armor, 10.2k Health, 30% Crit damage, 23 max energy, 108 counter-attack
  • Dragontamer Boots =3.1k Armor, 10.2k Health, 9.4% speed bonus, 20 max energy, 124 counter-attack


  • Rift-Eater sword = 14% Armor Pierce, 17% Cd reduction, 57% Crit Damage, 5.4k Damage, 238 counter-attack
  • Relentless Sentinel staff = 8.2% Cd reduction, 16% Crit chance, 27% Crit Damage, 2.5k Damage, 127 counter-attack


  • Dragon Ring = 5.2% Crit chance, 12% Crit damage, 1k Damage, 4k health [Chance on crit proc = -20% dmg taken]
  • Ring of Radiance = 2% armor pierce, 6.1% Crit chance, 971 damage, 4.1k health [Chance on crit proc = cd reduction]
  • Phoenix Amulet = 1.2k armor, 5.6% Crit, 4k Health, 47 counter-attack [On potion use proc = -30% dmg taken]

Some useful stat priorities on gear that I’ve mainly been focused on trying to find so far.

  • Offensive = Crit chance > Damage >= Critical Damage > Pierce armor
  • Defensive/Utility = Armor > Health > Cooldown Reduction > Health regen

From what drops I’ve seen so far in-game, rings, necklaces & staffs all appear to be able to roll the holy trifecta of +Crit chance, +Crit dmg & +damage, provided of course that Rngesus is on your side lol.

Build in-Action & In-Combat Buffed Statsheet

Arcane Binding’s damage bonus appears to be bugged and doesn’t show on statsheet while active.

Great Unclean One (boss rush)

Alternative Skill Variant (no Breath spam)

Written by Frostacus

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