Warhammer: Chaosbane – Elessa / End Game Build

An End Game Build for Elessa for Relic Hunts and Boss Rushes. You can also use this build to complete the game and push to Chaos difficulty.

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The Build Itself

So, I will be expanding on this later. As I am currently pushing into Chaos difficulty(It’s not hard, I just don’t like random deaths).

  • Left Click: Master Archer Superior
  • Right Click: Elven Shot Superior
  • 1: Call of the Spirits
  • 2: Defiler’s Reckoning
  • As you get more points I’d probably add Queens Wrath.


Seeds of Blood is a must when pushing higher difficulty. It’s free Dps and fodder to use as tanks. A must if you’re solo pushing into Chaos 1+

The others can be personal preference on whether you want to be more tanky or more glass cannon.

I will expand on this when I have the chance, about to complete another character, but this build was an easy glide through the storyline right into Very Hard Difficulty farming relics. You’re using poison increased damage and slows and pets to double dip DPS.

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