Dota Underlords – Demon Power Build

The power of this build relies on the RNG gods as all builds do in this game.

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The First Meet with the RNG Gods

For this to even work at all you’ll need the most specific item in the game.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build

This simply boosts the damage of your demon hunters the more demons you have. But if you get full demon hunters alliance (which is two) your demons ignore the one demon limit to the demon alliance 50% pure damage.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build

The hero you most likely will roll first for this build is Anti-mage. This fella will be the guy that you will probably get to 3 star first and I recommend that you get him some sort of attack speed bonus item improving his DPS even more than it will be.

So here were just gonna be doing a lot of damage hypothetically

Like everything in this game it all depends on what hero’s you roll in the first few rounds

Your Demons

There are only a few demons and there alliances are not the best for linking with other non-demon hero’s but there are a few that come to mind.

First is to look at what demons to focus on buying and playing.

Terror blade is a must demon for this build seen as he is the second demon hunter so he will benefit from Strange Bedfellows and from the second tier of demon hunter alliance if he isn’t played as the first demon.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build

Doom, Queen of pain and Chaos knight are needed for sure for this build for it to be worth it. These are the main demons you wanna be focusing on.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build

Shadow fiend in my personal opinion isn’t as important as all the other demons but if you want the full demon experience put this fella on the board


Id say there are 3 main alliances that you can use as secondary alliances to support the demon uprise.


This is good is you want to just be all out power. The downside to this is you are gonna be a glass cannon so you will most likely win most rounds with only two or three hero’s left.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build


This is good for improving your defence. The downside to this is you may be more likely to survive but doing enough damage to deal with the enemy may be hard.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build


This is good for getting more alliances. The down side to this is that having lots of smaller level alliances may not be worth as much as just getting more powerful 3 alliances but if you want to go additional alliances I would recommend using knight as a starting alliance. A good secondary alliance would be warlock to go with knight seen as you already have one into the alliance with Shadow fiend if you choose to go with him.

Dota Underlords - Demon Power Build

RNG Please?

And that’s about it just pray that you get good RNG and you get the hero’s you need and you will steam roll 🙂 Using this build i won a 1v1 from my health being on 3 and his on 76 so if you get good RNG as I did you can do some real damage.

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